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Star Fox Command, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time join Wii U eShop

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A pair of Nintendo DS classics headline this week’s Wii U eShop update, while Nintendo 3DS owners can expect to see a broad selection of budget-priced minigames.

2006’s Star Fox Command is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console, following up on the recent announcement of the next series entry, Star Fox Zero. Star Fox Command takes a more tactical approach than its action-oriented series predecessors, challenging players to manage a squadron of heavily armed spaceships in frantic aerial battles.

Fellow Nintendo DS classic Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time also joins the Wii U Virtual Console this week. A sequel to the Game Boy Advance RPG Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Partners in Time pairs Mario and Luigi up with their infant selves in a time-tripping adventure featuring turn-based battles.

Other downloadable Wii U games premiering this week include a port of Never Alone, a cooperative puzzle-platformer steeped in Alaskan indigenous lore and mythology, and Shiftlings, a puzzler with an emphasis on tweaking character size and mobility.

Nintendo’s Art Academy: Home Studio rounds out this week’s Wii U eShop lineup. Another entry in Nintendo’s instructional series for budding artists, Home Studio includes 30 step-by-step lessons that teach the basics of composition and color. Players who own the previously released Art Academy: SketchPad will receive a $4 discount when purchasing Home Studio from the eShop.

Also premiering this week are a series of budget-priced “G.G Series” releases from developer Genterprise, including G.G Series Air Pinball Hockey, Drilling Attack, Energy Chain, Great Whip Adventure, Nyokki, Run & Strike, The Last Knight, Throw Out, and Vertex. All G.G Series games are compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DSi systems.

This week’s Nintendo DS Virtual Console releases are priced at $10 apiece. Never Alone is available for $15, Art Academy: Home Studio is $30, and Shiftlings is up for grabs at $15. The G.G Series games are $2 each.

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