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StarCraft 2’s upcoming co-op mode puts two players in command of one base

StarCraft 2's upcoming co-op mode puts two players in command of one base

StarCraft 2‘s previously announced Legacy of the Void expansion got an update at BlizzCon, with Blizzard Entertainment confirming that it will now be released as a standalone game rather than an add-on for the popular real-time strategy game. Among the handful of details that emerged is word of “Archon Mode,” a new take on multiplayer in which two players team up to control one base and one army, taking on another pair of players in control of their own base.

There’s not much more info than that, though Blizzard did share a new trailer for the upcoming game during the weekend fan convention’s opening ceremony. You can check out the StarCraft stuff at the 23-minute mark of the above video. You can also watch the trailer, sans opening ceremony, right here.

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BlizzCon attendees got a chance to take a closer look at Legacy of the Void at the show, but anyone that didn’t make it out can get a basic rundown of what was shown off in a new post. It’s a pretty general look, running through key locations for the Protoss-focused campaign mode, new customization options, and an early glimpse of what a couple of missions look like.

There’s no word on the timing for this release, but that’s typical for Blizzard. We’ll see it when it’s ready, as the studio is so fond of reminding fans with all of its products.

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