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Steam customization support for Xbox One, Xbox 360 controllers is coming soon

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Valve is rolling out official Steam Controller Configurator support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads, granting licensed Microsoft peripherals access to the application’s advanced mapping features.

Valve’s controller compatibility update, available now as part of Steam’s most recent beta branch, also introduces Configurator support for generic X-Input controllers. Beta participants report that many features previously reserved for Valve’s own Steam Controller can now be mapped to a variety of generic gamepads, joysticks, and other peripherals.

The upcoming launch of official Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller Configurator support for Steam follows up on a recent update that added compatibility with the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controllers. Previously, DualShock 4 controller users needed to rely on external input mapping software like JoyToKey in order to use Sony’s gamepad within select Steam applications.

Now that Steam has introduced official support for PlayStation 4 controllers, players can map multiple button presses and input combinations to specific DualShock 4 buttons, triggers, and analog sticks, making the Steam interface and games accessible to a wider playerbase. Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller owners will soon be able to enjoy a similar range of benefits and expanded functionality.

While Xbox controller Configurator support is not yet available within Steam’s current public build, players can opt into the Steam beta client through the “Account” tab within Steam’s user settings. From there, Xbox controller users can click the “Change…” option within the “Beta participation” section and choose the “Steam Beta Update” option from the drop-down menu in order to secure beta client access.

Users who wish to configure generic X-input controllers will need to take a couple of extra steps in order to get Steam to recognize alternate input devices. After entering Big Picture Mode, generic input devices can be enabled under the “Controller Settings” tab in the settings menu. Users will then need to right-click individual game titles and navigate to the “Controller Configuration” menu under the “Manage Game” option to enable controller customization.

Valve has not yet issued a public launch date for its expanded Controller Configurator compatibility. Given that DualShock 4 controller support hit Steam’s public client roughly one month after its beta branch debut, however, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller support will likely arrive within a similar timeframe.

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