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Steam tops 7 million concurrent users

steam hits 7 million concurrent users
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On December 1, Steam set a new record for itself, claiming an astounding 7,190,579 users online and connected at one time, according to its own stat tracking page (and as recounted by PCWorld).

Thanksgiving has traditionally been a good time for Steam. Last year at roughly the same time, the platform recorded new high of 6,047,207 concurrent users. Since then the number has increased gradually, until reaching the new high water mark on Sunday, December 1. The stats don’t differentiate between who is actively using the platform compared to those just logged on, but the number is staggering regardless. 

Earlier this year Steam recorded another personal best when it announced that 65 million accounts had been created, marking a 30-percent increase over the number of users in 2012. With the Steam Machines looming, you can expect that number to grow.

One reason for the spike in traffic is thanks to Steam’s Autumn Sale, which began on November 27 and continues through December 3. Some games are discounted as much as 90-percent. This year’s Tomb Raider, for example, is marked down 80-percent and can be had for just $9.99, if you act quickly. Deals rotate frequently, so check back often.

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