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Sunset Overdrive goes free for Xbox Games with Gold in April

Xbox - April Games with Gold
Microsoft is giving away free downloadable copies of its open-world Xbox One action game Sunset Overdrive next month as part of Games with Gold, a member-exclusive perk for Xbox Live Gold service subscribers.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will also receive a free copy of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us in April, along with a pair of Xbox 360 classics that are playable on the Xbox One via the platform’s backward compatibility feature.

Released in 2014, Sunset Overdrive is a frantically paced third-person shooter created by Ratchet & Clank series developer Insomniac Games. In Sunset Overdrive, players find themselves in a massive city teeming with hordes of mutants that they can fend off using an arsenal of unconventional weaponry.

Sunset Overdrive emphasizes traversal gameplay, and rewards players for performing high-flying stunts and rail grinds mid-battle. Stylish kills award damage multipliers and other bonuses, upping the player’s destructive capabilities and increasing their chances of survival.

Also up for grabs for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in April is the full season of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us. Based on the Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is a narrative-based adventure game similar to Telltale’s hit The Walking Dead. Decisions and dialog choices affect events in later chapters, giving players control over how the game’s overarching story plays out.

Xbox 360 games that are offered as part of April’s Xbox Games with Gold include Dead Space, a survival horror game originally released by Electronic Arts in 2008. And April’s final Games with Gold title is Saints Row IV, an open-world third-person shooter in which players wreak havoc within a virtual cityscape using superhuman powers and abilities.

The Wolf Among Us and Dead Space will be up for grabs for Xbox Live Gold subscribers on April 1, and Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row IV will be free to download starting on April 16.

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