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Never alone: Fight alongside your choice of companions in 'The Technomancer'

Focus Home Interactive and Spiders’ The Technomancer releases next month, and although it has flown largely under the radar thus far, early gameplay demonstrations and videos suggest that the game has the potential to be a mix of BioWare-style world building and a more intricate combat system. And you won’t be alone: A new developer video details how companions will help you in your journey through the crime-riddled underworld of the Red Planet.

Much like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you’re free to choose from a number of potential companions when you venture out to complete quests, but you have to carefully monitor your relationship with each of them, as it can effect their performance, potentially unlock new skills, or even cause them to abandon you.

“On the contrary, shine and prove worthy of their trust, and you’ll nurture friendships … or more,” the narrator states. We can hear the ’70s R&B kicking in already.

While most of your companion choices appear to be human, a few seem to have suffered from severe mutations that make them look like The Thing from Fantastic Four. The trailer shows a glimpse of the advantages of having such a huge bruiser on your side, as a companion starts a brawl with a powerful enemy, giving the protagonist a chance to better plan attacks.

Just as you can upgrade gear and weapons on yourself, you’re free to do so on your companions, and unlike some other RPGs, they won’t be limited to “this character only” gear.

“You’ll drastically improve their survivability and lethality,” the narrator adds. “And you can also make sure they look appropriately badass to stroll with you around the deadly place that is Mars.”

The Technomancer could be just the thing to through the summer game drought. It arrives on June 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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