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Escalating the ‘Conflict’: Update adds ‘extraction hijacks,’ more to ‘The Division’

While Tom Clancy’s The Division will be supported by plenty of paid content — and given the price of the season pass, it better deliver — the game is also receiving several free updates, which have added the new raid-like Incursions in addition to smaller feature tweaks. The latest of these, dubbed “Conflict,” is just a week away, and with it comes a brand new way to annoy other players in the Dark Zone.

In the current build of The Division, your Dark Zone loot is pretty much safe once you’ve attached it to the helicopter via an extraction rope. With “Conflict,” this is changing; players can now cut your rope in the few seconds it remains at ground level, giving them a chance to reap the benefits of your hard work. Of course, a couple of well-placed bullets should solve this problem. Players who attempt to hijack gear will also be labeled as a rogue, so it’s best to attempt your heists with a few friends as backup.

“Conflict” also includes the second free Incursion, “Clear Sky,” which takes place in Columbus Circle and sees you and your buddies fighting over an anti-air missile installation to “restore safe passage to the skies over Manhattan.” The coolest addition, however, might be the new high-value targets. Unlike the side missions scattered throughout the game that have you taking down an elite enemy, these are a one-and-done affair: fail, and you have no opportunity to kill them again. This looks to add a sense of urgency that was lacking in the side content of The Division, where death meant little more than a short run back to where you were before.

Are you still playing The Division, or are you more interested in what a full-fledged sequel has to offer? Let us know in the comments!

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