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The Escapists spin-off based on The Walking Dead announced for PC, Xbox One

The Escapists The Walking Dead Announcement Trailer
Fans of indie prison-break sim The Escapists can soon play through an all-new campaign featuring characters and storylines from Robert Kirkman’s zombie-themed comic series and television drama The Walking Dead, developer Team17 revealed this week.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead stars series protagonist Rick Grimes and re-skins in-game elements to better suit a looming zombie apocalypse. Instead of being pursued by the prison guards that populated The Escapists, players will be chased by hordes of flesh-eating zombies as they attempt to flee a series of labyrinthine environments.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead will feature several characters seen in The Walking Dead’s previous episodes and comic book issues. The game’s narrative follows Grimes as he escapes from a hospital, teams up with survivors at a nearby farm, and later explores an abandoned prison.

“Team17 presented a creative plan to blend The Walking Dead into The Escapists and our response was simple: When do we get started?” said Daniel Murray, president of The Walking Dead publishing imprint Skybound Entertainment.

The Escapists is a charming example of a single creator’s vision come to life. We are excited to offer fans of The Walking Dead something different and The Escapists: The Walking Dead is just that. A playful interpretation that we believe fans of great games in general will love.”

Originally released for PC platforms via Steam in 2014, The Escapists made its console debut earlier this year on the Xbox One, and premiered digitally for the PlayStation 4 in June. Team17 recently announced that The Escapists has sold over 600,000 units across all of its available platforms.

A demo version of the game is playable this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. The Escapists: The Walking Dead is set to premiere for the Xbox One and PC platforms later this year.

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