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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild bug lets Link ignore temperature effects

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the best Nintendo Switch games, has been around since the hybrid console was launched two years ago, but a new discovery is bringing interest back to Link’s latest adventure.

A new bug in Breath of the Wild, dubbed the Apparatus Storage glitch, allows players to bypass the effects of temperature, which makes up a significant portion of the game’s mechanics. The bug, which was reported by Gaming Reinvented, also opens up many other things for players to try out.

To activate the bug, players will need to prepare several requirements, including a save file with enough Spirit Orbs to max out either Link’s hearts or stamina, access to an Apparatus shrine such as the Myahm Agana Shrine, access to the Horned Statue at Hateno Village, and at least two saves at different points of the game.

How to Disable/Become Immune to Temperature Changes in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Activating the bug tricks the game into thinking that Link is still in a shrine after loading an older save. The initial application of the glitch was to give Link both max hearts and stamina, which is impossible to achieve over the normal course of the game due to the limited number of shrines and Spirit Orbs.

The bug also allows Link to ignore temperature effects. This means that players may traverse Death Mountain or climb Hebra’s peaks without the necessary clothes to ward off the heat and cold. In fact, players will be able to complete the game with Link in just his boxer shorts.

In addition to the environmental temperature effects in Breath of the Wild, the Apparatus Storage glitch also renders temperature and weather obstacles ineffective, such as fire and electricity in shrines. Enemies with elemental attacks also deal no damage, and Guardians are much easier to defeat as a significant part of their attack power comes from the associated fire attribute.

The Apparatus Storage glitch is deactivated by accessing a shrine, going into a Divine Beast, entering the Trial of the Swords, loading a save file, and teleporting. Gaming Reinvented also suggested that players may create their own New Game Plus for Breath of the Wild with the bug by transferring all their upgrades to a brand new save file.

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