Battlefield 4’s Battlefest event kicks off with double XP, screenshot contest

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Dubbed as a “festival built for gamers,” EA and DICE are kicking off a month-long “Battlefest” promotion for Battlefield 4 and the soon to be released expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, with weekly rewards, contests, and in-game content.

Battlefest kicks off on July 12, with players receiving double XP through the weekend. They can also start participating in Battleshots, wherein players send in gameplay screenshots based on different theme requirements. The daily prize in the Battleshots contest is an AMD graphics card, $50 gift card to the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on the platform of their choice. Not too shabby.

In addition to the Battleshots contest, other initiatives EA and DICE will be introducing over the course of the event include weekly camouflage unlocks, community missions where strangers must work together to complete a common goal, and a stunt video competition. Somewhere along the line, EA and DICE will be giving away three gaming PCs from AMD, and the site teases other surprises to come as well.

The event runs from July 12 to August 13. Check out our review of Battlefield 4 here and get more details on Battlefest from the Battlefield Blog.