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‘Titanfall’ universe to expand with mobile card game ‘Frontline’ this fall

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Respawn Entertainment still sees plenty of life in the Titanfall franchise. The developer is scheduled to release Titanfall 2 in late October, and it is also has a mobile spinoff game in the works. Developed by Particle City and published by Nexon, Titanfall: Frontline will give mobile gamers a collectible-card title to expand the near-future universe.

Mobile tie-in games have become somewhat of a trend, with recent titles like Evolve: Hunter’s Quest, Fallout Shelter and Uncharted: Fortune Hunter popping up. So with the impending release of Titanfall 2, it is not wholly surprising that the developers went down that route.

“The Titanfall franchise revolutionized the first-person shooter, and Particle City is taking the same creative approach, adding depth to the battlefield and a never-before-seen layer of strategy in the collectible card game genre,” Nexon M General Manager Lawrence Koh said in a statement. “Titanfall: Frontline is just the beginning of the incredible stand-alone mobile sci-fi experiences based on the Titanfall universe we’re looking to bring to gamers around the world.”

The strategic card game will have players acting as commanders who face off against one another by deploying troops on the ground. You will need to call in Titans and augment them with all sorts of boons and buffs while mitigating the effects of your enemies. There will be deck-building mechanics, strategic options, and potentially deep and versatile tactics to develop — much like we have seen with more established collectible card games. There was, however, no word on how cards are acquired in-game as part of Venturebeat’s exposé.

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Nexon and Particle City talked up the game’s potential impact in their press release, suggesting that it will make a great inroad for the eastern publisher into western markets and could well be only the first step in Titanfall mobile releases. Nexon hinted there could be a number of “stand-alone sci-fi experiences based on the Titanfall universe.”

When it launches this fall, Titanfall: Frontline will be playable on both Android and iOS devices. You can pre-register now to get rewards when the game debuts.

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