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First few levels of yarn-filled puzzler Unravel reveal major charm

As typical games full of guns, gore and more flood the year’s, upcoming releases, puzzlers like ColdWood Interactive’s Unravel look to break the status quo. Tugging the strings of your heart and stretching the thread of a lovable character, Yarny, this new side-scrolling game turns each level into an adventure down memory lane. Help an old lady find the trinkets of her past to bring back the moments she’s forgotten as you jump, swing and tie your way out of sticky situations.

In this video avid gamer Joshua Smith brings an exclusive first look at the first two levels of Unravel and shares how to play, what the game is about and also his first impressions after playing. Try your best not to run out of yarn as you explore levels full of clever scenery, beautiful graphics, Scandinavian nature and more. Find out if you’ll be game to tackle these tricky puzzles on your PlayStation, Xbox or PC after watching this quick video.

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