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The Sound BlasterX H5s are an affordable option for uncomfortable gamers

Not interested in draining your wallet on a gaming headset? Creative Labs has a new option with the Sound BlasterX H5. See what you can get for just a bill in this quick review.
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Check out JBL's Charge 3 waterproof speaker in action as we put it through some brutal tests

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What’s inside?! Watch us unbox the new Xbox in 60 seconds

There's a lot of hype around the new Xbox One S. It does 4K, HDR, and you can stand it up vertically. Take 60 seconds and watch this video to know exactly what you're getting inside the box.

Beat summer’s heat with August’s best titles, from ‘No Man’s Sky’ to ‘Madden’

Summer heat keeping you locked inside all day? Beat the heat with these new games this August. See what's in store in this quick games preview.

If you play ‘Overwatch’ you need to know these top 5 basic tips

Are you new to the hit first-person shooter game "Overwatch" or just simply looking to get better? Take your game to the next level with these five basic tips.

Speed kills if you're playing as Tracer in 'Overwatch'

Tracer is 'Overwatch's' slippery, speedy shooter, and she can be too fast to handle sometimes. Make your enemies tremble and take advantage of these five Tracer tips to win with the cavalry's girl every time.