New Mortal Kombat DLC brings new life to gory sensation

Mortal Kombat, a franchise that has made a name in gaming history as one of the bloodiest fighters to date returns to protect its namesake with its latest DLC pack. Deemed Kombat Pack 2 this $20 add-on brings a few new costumes/skins and four new blood-thirsty characters to an already stacked roster. Including two classic characters in pop-culture and two known mostly for their work in the game, each new addition delivers plenty of merciless blows to help players deal ruthless losses to their opponents. With the likes of Alien to compliment Predator, Leatherface to bring havoc with his chainsaw, and even a couple of others this just may be downloadable content you won’t want to pass up on.

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In this video avid gamer Joshua Smith goes hands-on to bring an inside look at what Kombat Pack 2 has to offer. See all four characters in action as you see power moves, x-rays and fatalities dealt across your screen. Are the characters menacing enough for you? Will the costumes be original enough for your taste? Find out for yourself before spending your cash by watching this quick video.