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Resident Evil Village is getting a host of new accessibility features

While Resident Evil Village‘s upcoming Winters’ Expansion is packing quite a lot of fresh gameplay content for fans to enjoy this October, Capcom has revealed that a variety of new accessibility options will be coming alongside it too. The company briefly touched on what to expect in a tweet on Thursday, detailing four notable new accessibility features, largely focused on the game’s audio experience.

A free accessibility update for all Resident Evil Village users is coming alongside the Winters' Expansion and Gold Edition in October, adding:

– Subtitle size, color & background toggles
– Speaker name display in story mode
– Closed captions
– Permanent reticle

— Resident Evil (@RE_Games) July 28, 2022

Subtitle size, color, and background toggles are perhaps the most significant, allowing players to adjust each of the three options individually to achieve precisely what they need, while another toggle can allow for showing the speaker’s name in front of those subtitles to clarify who is speaking. Similarly, the inclusion of closed captions can provide detailed text descriptions of the events taking place — a feature that may be able to bring new life to the game for those with hearing disabilities.

Lastly, Capcom is including a permanent reticle toggle, which can vastly improve players’ understanding of exactly what they’re looking at and allow for more precision when interacting with the world. Even more, this feature is also known to decrease the motion sickness that so frequently inhibits some fans from being able to play first-person games.

These free accessibility updates will release the same day as Winters’ Expansion, which brings about a new campaign titled Shadows of Rose that casts players as Rose Winters, daughter of Resident Evil Village‘s protagonist Ethan Winters. Also included in the DLC is a third-person mode for the main campaign and a revamp of the game’s Mercenaries mode that brings new characters and maps.

The Winters’ Expansion launches on October 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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