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keurig discontinues expensive kold soda maker offers refunds to consumers drinkmaker

Do you need a soda-dispensing Keurig Kold? Probably not, but damn it’s fun

Keurig's new "Kold" model trades coffee for sodas, mixers and more but does it really deliver in taste? Find out what we think in this quick video review. 
new uncharted 4 multiplayer beta epic tease playstation fans 2886492 drake scaffolding

New Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta is an epic tease for Playstation fans

We went hands-on with the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta to bring a quick look at what's new and what to expect. See it all in action in this quick video. 
video games wont want miss december rainbow six siege listicle

Here are the video games you won’t want to miss this December

Here's what to expect this December in gaming. Find out what's new, release dates and more in this quick video. 
star wars battlefront missing video rendition1 img

Star Wars Battlefront gets a lot right, but here’s what’s still missing

Star Wars Battlefront is a shooter that represents the brand well but is missing a few things here and there. Find out what we think in this quick video. 
youtube music app video review ytfeat

YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet

The latest to take on Spotify & Apple Music is the all new YouTube Music. We went hands-on with the app to share our thoughts in this quick video review. 
philips hue xbox one integration huecleanthumb

Xbox One + Philips Hue LEDs = Technicolor madness (and one awesome apartment)

When working together the Xbox One and Philips Hue transform gaming in the living room. We went hands-on with the new setup in this quick video review.
facebook buy concert tickets search shutterstock 2027808311

New app “Notify” from Facebook tries to be like Twitter for your lock-screen

"Notify" is the latest application from Facebook and aims to create a news timeline on your lock-screen. Hear what we think about it in this quick video.
xbox one 11 15 update update2cleanthumb

New Xbox One update introduces new UI, backwards compatibility & more (Hands-On)

Microsoft's latest Xbox One software update introduces a massive design overhaul and backwards compatibility. We went hands-on in this quick video.
fallout 4 companion app brings your in game pip boy to phone edition

Fallout 4 companion app brings your in-game Pip-Boy to your phone

The Fallout Pip-Boy app for Fallout 4 makes playing with your Pip-Boy on your phone a reality. Watch the video to hear our thoughts after using it.
Jacob Frye punches and enemy in Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate makes strong strides towards series’ redemption

We went hand's on with Assassin's Creed Syndicate to show players what it's like in Ubisoft's latest. Find out what's new and more in this quick video.
logitech g920 racing wheel impressions logitechcleanthumb

Logitech G920 racing wheel brings a premium driving simulation at a premium price

The Logitech G920 racing wheel aims to bring force feedback when racing on the Xbox One or PC. Find out our thoughts about the wheel in this quick review.
here are the video games you wont want to miss this november novgamescleanthumb

Here are the video games you won’t want to miss this November

Here's what to expect this November in gaming. Find out what's new, release dates and more in this quick video.
rocket league tips nbnxq3iwagqmllhmdduq

Five essential tips for mastering Rocket League (or "wheelball", as non-Americans call it)

Playing soccer with cars is the premise in the addictive Rocket League. Score your way to the top of the league with these quick tips.
boomerang hands on bficleanthumb

Making your own GIFs has never been easier thanks to Boomerang from Instagram (Hands-On Review)

Make your own personal GIFS with the new app "Boomerang from Instagram". Turn 10 quick photos into one mini movie in just seconds, here's how.
back to the future telltale impressions bttfcleanthumb

Telltale’s Back To The Future for Xbox One and PS4, and it doesn’t disappoint

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future with TellTale's game, now available for Xbox One and PS4. Find out what we think in this quick video.
guitar hero live impressions ghlcleanthumb

Guitar Hero Live comes back strong (first impressions)

This years latest "Guitar Hero Live" returns with a new controller, GHtv and much more. See if this new game has enough to offer in this quick video.
halo controller unboxing xboxmasterchieffeatimage

Prepare for Halo 5 with this new limited edition Master Chief Xbox controller (Unboxing)

There's no better way to prepare for Halo 5 than with a new limited edition themed Xbox One controller. See the controller in action in this unboxing video.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: Explained

Tesla's Elon Musk says the bullet train is too slow and offered up his own 800 mph "Hyperloop". Find out everything about his concept in this quick video.
uncharted collection impressions unchartedcolbann detail

Nathan Drake’s charms hold up in the Uncharted PS4 Collection

Is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 really worth the time? We went hands-on to decide if the Uncharted series lives up to all the hype.
metal gear online impressions sdgdkityaaxj5khl5r7a

Long-awaited Metal Gear Online leaves a middling impression

After a slight delay "Metal Gear Online" has finally launched. We went hands-on to see if the new mode competes with the Phantom Pain's addicting campaign.
mynba2k16 is the app 2k fans have waited for my2kfeatimage

MyNBA2K16 is the app 2K fans have waited for

Take 2K on the go with MyNBA2K16, the companion app for basketball gamers. Find out what the app has to offer, how to use it and more in this quick video.
star wars battlefront beta 2 original

Beta proves that Star Wars: Battlefront is a force to be reckoned with

Many wonder if Star Wars: Battlefront will live up to the hype. Watch our first impressions of the game's beta in this quick video to decide.
destiny the taken king tips video 1080727550

Top 5 tips for taking on “Destiny: The Taken King”

Use these five tips to boost your skills in Bungie's latest "Destiny: The Taken King" Find out about the best ways to level up and more in this quick video.
nba 2k16 is a bigger and better buy for basketball fans nba2k16cleanthumb  1

NBA 2K16 is a bigger and better buy for basketball fans

Find out whether or not "NBA 2K16" is worth a purchase or not in this quick first impressions video. See what's new and more in just minutes.
october 15 games unchartedcollection

Here are the video games you won’t want to miss this October

Prepare for October's major video game releases in just a few short minutes. Find out about Halo 5, Guitar Hero Live and more in this quick video.
does ea score with fifa 16 this time around fifa16 3

Does EA score with FIFA 16 this time around?

FIFA 16 introduces female players to the hit soccer, er, football franchise, new ways to learn controls and more. Find out if it's worth the purchase in this quick video.
destiny the taken king successfully expands familiar gameplay first impressions hunter subclass

Everything you need to know about Destiny: The Taken King in 3 minutes

We've played "Destiny: The Taken King" for the last couple of days straight. Find out what's new, what to expect and more by watching this quick video.
iphone wi fi assist complaint 6s hands on front angles

Should you upgrade to an iPhone 6S? Watch this first

Is Apple's latest the iPhone 6S the phone for you? Check out the video to see what's new, what to consider and more before making the big upgrade.
Apple TV

New Apple tvOS finally brings comfort of iOS to your TV

The all new Apple TV runs on an equally new operating system called tvOS. Find out how the new software is bringing a few features from iOS into your living room.
forza 6 coming to pc forzafeatimage

Forza Motorsport 6 is a must-have for Xbox One racers (First Impressions)

The latest Xbox exclusive "Forza Motorsport 6" is here, watch as we give it a go. Check out the video to see what's new, exclusive gameplay and more.
apple ceo preinstalled apps applecleanthumb

Watch all the highlights from Apple’s 2-hour event in 3 minutes

Apple's fall event this year has brought us the iPhone 6S, a new Apple TV and a ginormous iPad Pro. Find everything you need to know in our quick recap.
apple tv gaming appletvthumbclean

The Apple TV could steal the iPhone 6S spotlight (Apple TV Rumors: Explained)

The Apple TV is sure to get its chance in the spotlight at Apple's iPhone 6S keynote. Hear all of the latest Apple TV rumors in this quick video.
first look disney infinity 3 0 0005

Use the force in Disney Infinity 3.0 (First Impressions)

It's the world of Star Wars in Disney Infinity 3.0, but should you buy it? Find out how to play, what's new and more about the game in this quick video.
apple homekit vs alexa explainer

Apple HomeKit devices are popping up! So wait, what’s HomeKit again?

Apple's HomeKit is poised to carve out it's place in your smart-home. Find out exactly what Apple's latest means for you in this quick and informative video.