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Forza Motorsport 6 is a must-have for Xbox One racers (First Impressions)

For years, “Gran Turismo” and “Forza” have been the go-to series for car and video game enthusiasts to get a sense of real life racing in their living rooms. With uncertainty surrounding the release of the Playstation Exclusive “Gran Turismo 7”, Xbox fans can anticipate the release of the Xbox One exclusive “Forza Motorsport 6” this upcoming week. Strap in for high-speed racing at night and through the rain in over 450 fine-tuned and detailed cars. Dozens of awesome racing circuits await, but will it be enough to make you want to buy it?

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In this video, resident gamer Joshua Smith gets an exclusive hands-on look at “Forza Motorsport 6” and shows what’s new, what’s to like, and what to expect when picking up the brand new title. After three days of intense playing, hear what his first impressions are, and find out if it’s worth joining the race.

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Xbox Series X’s Smart Delivery lets Xbox One owners upgrade games for free
Xbox Series X

Amid an unveiling of tech details for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft dazzled fans with news of its Smart Delivery function, which will allow Xbox owners to play games across Xbox One and Xbox Series X without repurchasing.

The news comes from an Xbox Wire blog post that shares new information on Microsoft's upcoming console. In a section about game compatibility, Microsoft explained its commitment to making "game ownership easier across generations" with the arrival of the Series X. Smart Delivery is a core piece of that plan.

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Microsoft and Nike team up to create Jordan-inspired Xbox One
Nike Xbox One Collaboration

While Microsoft gears up to release its new Xbox Series X console later this year, it's not done with the Xbox One yet. The company teamed up with Nike’s Jordan brand to create a gorgeous, custom Xbox One, which one lucky Twitter user can win.

The limited-edition console is modeled after Nike’s new Air Jordan III Retro U sneaker. It comes with a bright red paint job, similar to the Chicago Bulls signature color, and Nike’s famous "Jumpman" logo appears right on top of the console. It even features a textured pattern similar to the one on the shoes themselves.

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Your Xbox One may have let other people listen to you, Microsoft contractors say
Xbox One S bundle deal

When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One in 2013, the plan was for the Kinect sensor to be a mandatory accessory that the system could not function without. Potential customers were concerned that such a requirement would allow others to listen in on their conversations, and according to contractors who have worked with Microsoft, that did happen despite the requirement being removed prior to launch.

According to Vice's Motherboard website, when commands via the Xbox One's voice controls were triggered accidentally, contractors at Microsoft wre able to hear them in their home -- albeit briefly. Microsoft used the contractors in order to improve the features on Xbox One, but if one of the wake-up words was said without the user realizing it, the contractors could hear other chatter not meant for the Xbox One, including from children.

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