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Microsoft and Nike team up to create Jordan-inspired Xbox One

While Microsoft gears up to release its new Xbox Series X console later this year, it’s not done with the Xbox One yet. The company teamed up with Nike’s Jordan brand to create a gorgeous, custom Xbox One, which one lucky Twitter user can win.

The limited-edition console is modeled after Nike’s new Air Jordan III Retro U sneaker. It comes with a bright red paint job, similar to the Chicago Bulls signature color, and Nike’s famous “Jumpman” logo appears right on top of the console. It even features a textured pattern similar to the one on the shoes themselves.

The console comes with two matching controllers, which feature the same red color scheme and a Jumpman logo in the right corner.

Microsoft originally teased the collaboration on February 11 in a tweet. The release lines up with the NBA’s All-Star weekend, which begins on Friday, February 14, in Chicago.

Securing one of these isn’t an easy task, though. Microsoft is running a sweepstakes through Twitter, where one winner will receive the console and two controllers. To enter, fans must follow the official Xbox Twitter account and retweet the announcement tweet, adding the hashtag #Xboxsweepstakes. To be eligible to win, Twitter users must register before the giveaway ends on February 27.

RT for a chance to win a Limited Edition Jordan Brand Custom Xbox One X console.

NoPurchNec. Ends 2/27. Rules:

— Xbox (@Xbox) February 13, 2020

For those simply looking to pick up the shoes that inspired the new Xbox model, even that may prove difficult. The Air Jordan III Retro U sneakers are available this weekend at the All-Star Weekend festivities. However, the winner will have to travel to Chicago to secure a pair.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has revealed a limited-edition Xbox One. Last year, Microsoft teamed up with Taco Bell to create a custom console that makes the fast-food chain’s iconic ring noise every time the console powers on. The new Air Jordan-inspired system is a bit slicker by comparison, especially if you’re an NBA die-hard.

Still, with the Xbox Series X merely months away, it feels like odd timing to debut a custom console. Then again, it’s never a bad time to win a free console, especially one that looks this good.

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