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8 of Microsoft’s coolest custom Xbox One consoles

This great 'Black Panther' Xbox One X is Microsoft's latest crazy custom console

The Xbox One is a fantastic gaming console — both the Xbox One S and its more powerful sibling, the One X, are sleek devices that fit right at home in your entertainment center. Sometimes, however, the regular old console isn’t enough for you, nor are the “special edition” consoles that actually get a wide release to the general public. Instead, you’re looking for the really special consoles that are only available to a select view people. Here are eight of the coolest custom Xbox One systems Microsoft has ever made.

‘Black Panther’ custom Xbox One X

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Black Panther is one of the most successful movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so why not pay tribute to Ryan Coogler’s film with a custom Xbox One X system? Microsoft is currently giving five of them away through a sweepstakes, and the console is one of the most visually striking custom consoles we’ve seen in a long time.

On the top of the Xbox One X is a split portrait of T’Chala — the Black Panther himself — as well as villain Killmonger. They’re surrounded by several intricate patterns, and the film’s logo is visible on the front of the console. The sides are the same gold color as the logo, and the custom controllers have a similar design as well. Just remember that “Wakanda forever” doesn’t mean “batteries forever.”

‘Sea of Thieves’ custom Xbox One S

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is a creative and adventurous pirating game that is unlike anything we’ve played before, and that same level of creativity went into the custom Xbox One S systems produced for the game in 2017. Only three of them were made in total, one was auctioned off for about $2,700 to help the U.K.-based Special Effect charity.

The system isn’t overly flashy, with a dark blue color that resembles the abyss you’ll end up sinking into if you aren’t careful with your pirate ship. On the left side is the skull symbol that’s also featured on the game’s box art, giving you a glimpse into Rare’s world as if it’s actually inside the console itself. The Sea of Thieves name is displayed prominently on the front, but it’s classy enough to not completely overshadow every other console you own.

‘Forza Horizon 3’ Audi R8 Xbox One S

Video of the Xbox One S Audi R8 Edition

If you’re looking for something flashy and completely impractical, then the Audi R8 Special Edition Xbox One S has you covered. Designed to look like the front half of the vehicle, it features the Audi logo on top, as well as curvature on the side to make room for its nonexistent wheels. The front even has pseudo-headlights, with the disc drive and power button still located in their usual spots, along with the Forza Horizon 3 logo.

Instead of the traditional “home” button seen on other Xbox One controllers, the one included with the Audi R8 console is a keyless ignition switch. There are even pieces of leather on the controller’s handles to ensure you don’t lose your grip. The console is kind of an abomination, with only three being released as contest prizes in Germany, but we’re glad it exists.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Baby Groot Xbox One S

James Gunn/Instagram

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn is a big fan of video games, and even served as writer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s Lollipop Chainsaw. Microsoft took notice and sent him a custom Xbox One S featuring the film’s Baby Groot character, who is standing on top of the console as he debates pushing a very dangerous button. It’s a scene lifted directly from the film, and the moss and leaves growing off of Groot look phenomenal.

Even without Groot standing on top, the system still looks snazzy. With a rusty and dirty brown design, it appears weathered without looking like it was intentionally destroyed — Gunn might have to take the statue off of the top if he ever wants to actually use it, as the little guy will prevent the system from going into most entertainment centers or cabinets.

The Chainsmokers custom Xbox One S

The Chainsmokers & Xbox Unveil Custom Xbox One S Console

The Chainsmokers are a globally popular musical act, and in September 2017 the EDM duo partnered with Microsoft to produce a custom white Xbox One S console. The system features the group’s name and logo on the left side of the system, with a block on the right side glowing with several different colors as if it were a speaker.

It’s the only Xbox One system on our list that you could take into a rave, and it was given away to a lucky fan along with autographed controllers. If you’re in the market for a night light, you might want to call up the Chainsmokers and ask if they’ll just send you another one of the systems instead.

‘Cuphead’ custom ‘Don’t Deal With the Devil’ Xbox One S

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Studio MDHR’s side-scrolling run-and-gun game Cuphead didn’t get a physical release — or at least not one that actually included a game disc — but it was among the best Xbox One console exclusives released in 2017. Its art style is second to none, and a special yellow Xbox One S console perfectly captured the game’s essence.

With a mustard-yellow console as well as controller, it’s not the prettiest system at first glance, but then you see the characters drawn on both. Cuphead and Mugman are prominently featured on the top of the system and controller, while the front has the game’s logo as well as its slogan, “Don’t deal with the devil.” Even the studio’s copyright message is located on the front of the system, as if it were in an old film reel. The system was available as a Twitter sweepstakes prize in December 2017, along with a Cuphead vinyl record.

‘Coco’ custom Xbox One S

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Xbox One S isn’t just for playing games; it’s also great for watching 4K films. Few recent movies have been acclaimed as Disney-Pixar’s Coco, which combined the studio’s famous computer animation with a heartfelt tale of music and Mexican folklore.

Microsoft partnered with Disney-Pixar to produce five custom Coco Xbox One S systems, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. With a dark blue base color similar to the Sea of Thieves console, the system will look perfect in nearly any display. A colorful skull is printed on the top of the system along with the film’s logo, and the included controller features a sketch of a guitar in the center along with music notes and clefs scattered on the sides. The systems are available as part of a giveaway that runs until March 12, 2018.

Air Jordan custom Xbox One X consoles

UNBOXING: LIMITED Edition AIR JORDAN x XBOX One X Sneaker Collaboration

Sure, you could get a custom Xbox One system that reminds you of your favorite game or even a movie, but why do that when you could get one that looks like a pair of sneakers? Microsoft and Nike partnered to create three different Air Jordan-inspired Xbox One systems, and they’re perfect for any basketball (or sneaker) nut’s collection.

The first of these is the “Free Throw Line” Xbox One X, a console designed to bring players back to the 1988 slam dunk contest, and features elephant print on the front along with a black stripe on the side. The “Black Cement” Xbox One X, meanwhile, has the elephant print on the top, as well, making for a very unique look. Last up is the “Tinker” Xbox One X (named after Nike designer Tinker Hatfield), which is similar to the Free Throw Line system but with a red stripe on the side to replicate the heel of the shoe it’s based on.

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