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All Stellaris cheats and console commands

Managing your own interstellar civilization in Stellaris is as deep as it is challenging. No two plays are the same, and there are dozens of ways you can eventually achieve victory — but even more ways to see your empire fall. Being a mix of 4X and strategy game mechanics, this isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Once you begin, every choice has weight and consequences. But what if you could make things a little easier on yourself? The game isn’t going to give you any slack, and there’s no shame in tweaking the experience to your liking. Here are all the cheats and console commands to help you rule the galaxy.

How to enter cheats

Ships flying towards a sun in stellaris.
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Cheating in Stellaris requires you to open up the console command window. This is done by hitting the Tilde key on a typical keyboard. Once open, simply type or paste any of the cheats below to trigger their effects.

All Stellaris cheats

activate_all_traditions Activates all Traditions
activate_ascension_perk Activates the specified Ascension Perk; pressing tab reveals all IDs
activate_gateways Activates all gateways in the galaxy
activate_relic Activates the triumph effect of [relic id]
activate_tradition Activates the specified Tradition; pressing tab reveals all IDs including tree adoption
add_anomaly Adds [anomaly id] to the selected celestial body
add_intel Adds [amount] of intel toward [target], default 10
add_loyalty Adds [amount] of loyalty toward [target], default 10
add_opinion Increases the [source] empire’s Opinion of the [target] empire by [amount], default 40
add_pops Creates [amount] of pops from [species id] on the selected celestial body; entering without ID reveals all species IDs
add_relic Grants [relic id]; writing all instead of the ID grants all relics. Same relic can be added multiple times.
NOTE: Cybrex War Forge will not work correctly the first time it’s activated if added this way
add_ship Creates a fleet with one ship of [design name]; pressing tab reveals the NPC ship names
NOTE: Spawned juggernauts will not be able to build, upgrade or repair ships
add_spynetwork_value Adds [amount] of infiltration progress on [target]
add_time Adds [amount] of [unit] time; valid units are days, months and years
add_trait_leader Adds [trait id] to [leader id]; entering only the leader ID reveals all trait IDs for that class; opposite traits cannot be added
add_trait_species Adds [trait id] to [species id]
advance_council_agenda Adds [amount] of progress to the council agenda; entering without an amount readies the agenda for launch
ai Toggles the AI on or off
alloys Adds [amount] of Alloys, default 5,000
annex Takes control of all worlds and star bases of target
break_fleet_contract Returns the selected leased fleet to its original owner
build_pops Assembles [amount] of pops to the selected celestial body; requires a currently assembling species
cash Adds [amount] of Energy Credits, defaults 5,000
colonize Starts the colonization process of the selected celestial body using a copy of the pop with the ID given; celestial bodiesthat cannot be colonized will not make colonization progress
communications Establishes communications with all empires
contact Starts first contact with all empires
create_megastructure Creates a Megastructure in the current system; pressing tab reveals the IDs
NOTE: Orbital Rings cannot be correctly spawned
create_navy Creates a fleet using your most recent designs that uses [amount] percentage of Naval Capacity; 1 means 100%
damage All ships in the selected fleet take [amount] hull damage
debug_nomen Toggles AI empires always refusing player proposals
debug_yesmen Toggles AI empires always agreeing to player proposals
effect add_building = Adds [building id] to the selected celestial body
effect add_deposit = Adds [deposit id] resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body
effect remove_deposit = Removes [deposit id] resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body
effect add_district = Adds [district id] to the selected celestial body
effect add_planet_devastation = Adds [amount] of Devastation to the selected celestial body; negative values lower it
effect country_add_ethic = Adds [ethic id] to the player empire; using more than 3 ethic points will remove lowest attraction ethics
effect country_remove_ethic = Removes [ethic id] from the player empire
effect create_archaeological_site = Adds [archaeological site id] to the selected celestial body; writing random creates a random archeological site
effect force_add_civic = Adds [civic id] to the player empire; incompatible civics will remain inactive
effect force_remove_civic = Removes [civic id] to the player empire
effect remove_megastructure = this Removes the selected megastructure
effect remove_modifier = Removes [modifier id] from the selected celestial body, or empire if none is selected
effect set_origin = Replaces the origin of the player empire with
effect shift_ethic = Shifts the player empire’s ethics to [ethic id]
effect destroy_colony Decolonizes the selected world
election Starts a ruler election
end_senate_session Passes/fails the currently voted resolution
engineering Adds [amount] of Engineering tech points, default 5.000
event Triggers [event id]; worlds can be selected manually, but ships require [target id]
federation_add_experience Adds [amount] of Experience to the Federation, default 1,000
federation_add_cohesion Adds [amount] of Cohesion to the Federation, default 200
federation_add_cohesion_speed Adds [amount] of Monthly Cohesion to the Federation, default 10
federation_examine_leader Triggers a Federation succession
finish_arc_stage Finishes the current chapter of an archaeological site; requires selecting its celestial body and a science ship excavating it
finish_research Finishes all active research
finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects
finish_terraform Finishes all terraforming processes
food Adds [amount] of Food, default 5,000
force_integrate Integrates [target] empire into the player’s empire; will not work if on integration cooldown
force_senate_vote Ends the current senate recess
free_government Toggles allowing player to change governments without the time limit and ignores civics restrictions
free_policies Toggles allowing player to change policies and species rights without restriction, including policies previously disabled
grow_pops Adds [amount] of pops to selected world; requires a currently growing pop
hire_all_leaders Hires all leaders in the leader pool
influence Adds [amount] of Influence, default ,5000
instant_build Toggles instantly finishing constructions and upgrades; resource storage becomes unlimited
WARNING: This also applies to enemy AI, so only use while paused
instant_specialization_conversion Toggles instantly converting specialized subjects
intel Gives sight of the entire galaxy
invincible Player ships will not take damage
max_resources Fills all resource storages
minerals Adds [amount] of Minerals, default 5,000
observe Switches to observer mode; use the play command to revert control
WARNING: If the game is unpaused in observer mode, the AI will take control of the player empire
own Take ownership and control of the selected fleet, starbase or planet, or if none is selected, takes ownership of the planet ID given as an argument. Celestial bodies that cannot be colonized will be created as colonies ,but have no capital building
physics Adds [amount] of Physics tech points, default 5,000
planet_ascension_tier Changes the ascension tier of the selected celestial body to [amount]; can go above regular values
planet_class Changes the selected celestial body to [celestial body id]
planet_happiness Adds a modifier with [amount] Happiness to the selected planet, default 100
planet_size Changes the size of the selected celestial body; can go above regular sizes, but above 78 will move the celestial body backwards
play Switches player control to empire [empire ID]
random_ruler Replaces the empire ruler with a new random one
remove_trait_leader Removes [trait id] from [leader id]; entering only the leader ID reveals the name for all current traits.
remove_trait_species Removes [trait id] from [species id]
research_all_technologies Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. Add 1 for space creatures and crisis techs too. Add a second number for [amount] of repeatable technologies.
research_technology Instantly research [technology id]
resource Adds [amount] of [resource], default 5,000
skills Adds [amount] of skill levels to every leader hired by the player, default 1
skip_agreement_cooldowns Toggles allowing the change of subject terms of agreement without cooldown
skip_federation_cooldowns Toggles allowing the change of federation laws without cooldown
skip_galactic_community_cooldowns Toggles allowing the proposition of resolutions from the same group without cooldown
society Adds [amount] of Society tech points, default 5000
survey Surveys all celestial bodies, requires at least one science ship
techupdate Rerolls the current available tech choices
unity Adds [amount] of Unity, default 500
unlock_edicts Unlocks all edicts
update_leader_pool Refreshes the leader pool
branchoffice Create or take control of the branch office on the selected world
 minor_artifacts Adds [amount] of Minor Artifacts, default 5,000
 menace Adds [amount] of Menace, default 5,000
 imperial_authority Adds [amount] of Imperial Authority, default 10
 add_subject_xp Adds [amount] of specialized subject experience to [target], default 10
 effect unlock_council_slots = 1 Unlocks a council slot
 astral_threads Adds [amount] of Astral Threads, default 5,000
 finish_rift_stage Finishes the current chapter of the selected astral rift
 set_completed_rifts Sets the number of completed Astral Rifts to [amount]
 spawn_astral_rift Spawns [astral rift id] in the current system or a random one if none is entered; pressing tab reveals all IDs
WARNING: The Crystal Rift will not end properly if spawned

Event cheats

akx.8888 The Horizon Signal Can start the Horizon Signal event; selected ship must have a leader and be in a black hole system
anomaly.95 Voyager 1 Can start the Solar Coordinates event if the Sol system exists somewhere in the galaxy
anomaly.186 Limbo With the right technology and AI policies, you can resurrect them as a new colony or as a new empire
anomaly.2523 Gigantic Skeleton Gain a Skeletal Giant army
anomaly.3085 The Prince Event with small but permanent opinion effects
colony_mod.101 Titanic Life Study: Success Allows the recruitment of Titanic Beast armies
crisis.50 Rise of the Sentinels Doesn’t require the crisis, but will add its sound effects
crisis.71 Sentinel Fleet Donation Doesn’t require the crisis or the Sentinels
crisis.105 Long live the Queen! Spawns the Domesticated Prethoryn Queen
crisis.2400 Cybrex Return Doesn’t require the crisis
crisis.4550 Star-Eater Firing The current system is destroyed
fallen_empires_tasks.1 A patronizing or machine Fallen Empire sends a random gift
galactic_features.301 Fallen Empire mothballed fleet
nomad.1 The Nomads Will not spawn if a Sentry Array is completed
precursor.98 Vultraum Home System Located Spawns the Vultraum Home System
precursor.598 Yuht Home System Located Spawns the Yuht Home System
precursor.1098 First League Home System Located Spawns the First League Home System
precursor.1598 Irassian Home System Located Spawns the Irassian Home System
precursor.2098 Cybrex Home System Located Spawns the Cybrex Home System
story.107 Amoebas Pacified
story.207 Crystals Pacified
origin.5605 Teachers of the Shroud Unlocks the Shroud Beacon starbase building
leviathans.3103 Dreadnought Repaired
utopia.3000 Enter the Shroud Works even if still on cooldown
utopia.3021 Avatar (army)
utopia.3190 The Chosen One
utopia.3304 Whisperers in the Void Option to form a covenant
utopia.3305 Composer of Strands Option to form a covenant
utopia.3306 Eater of Worlds Option to form a covenant
utopia.3307 Instrument of Desire Option to form a covenant
syndaw.545 A Question Starts the AI-Related Incidents situation
syndaw.1000 Machine Uprising Requires the AI-Related Incidents situation and at least 1 robot pop
marauder.85 Mercenaries Become Available Must be triggered multiple times for each Marauder empire
distar.172 Neural Symbiosis Option to get the Brain Slug Host trait for some pops and leaders
distar.212 Death of the Matriarch Rewards for defeating the Tiyanki Matriarch; with Leviathan Transgenesis, it unlocks the Polymelic trait
distar.260 Wild Eukaryotes Creates a pre-sapient species with the Docile Livestock trait on the world
distar.1001 Paradise Lost Creates a nearby system with a Gaia World and a Stone Age primitive civilization
distar.1081 Azizians Option to enable the recruitment of Azizian armies on a random-owned world
distar.2050 Alien Entity Spawns the Enigmatic Cache in the galaxy
distar.3014 The Nivlac (unfriendly) Creates an empire with a permanent -100 opinion modifier
distar.3016 The Nivlac (friendly) Creates an empire with a permanent +100 opinion modifier
distar.3055 Alien Box Opened Gain one of three free traits
distar.5006 The Voidspawn The selected celestial body is turned into a cracked world from where a Voidspawn hatches
distar.5012 Gargantuan Evolution Rewards for defeating the Voidspawn; with Leviathan Transgenesis, it unlocks the Voidling trait
graygoo.400 A Quiet Stroll Encounter Gray
ancrel.4000 Whispers in the Stone Creates the Whispers in the Stone archaeology site
ancrel.4058 The Sentinels Option to gain Sentinels armies
ancrel.6130 Zarqulan’s Chosen Allows colonizing Holy Worlds and gives +150 permanent opinion from Holy Guardians
ancrel.10050 Secrets of the Yuht Unlocks the Initiate Yuht Cleansing Process decision
aquatics.120 The Time Has Come Option to unlock the Dragon Hatchery star base building
paragon.3999 Arrival Spawns the Talon

Galaxy cheats

galcom.16 The Birth of the Galactic Community Option to instantly create or join the Galactic Community
action.99 Galactic Market: Established Forms the Galactic Market in the capital system
crisis.199 Prethoryn Scourge Spawns the crisis
crisis.1000 The Unbidden Spawns the crisis
crisis.1100 The Aberrant Doesn’t require the Unbidden
crisis.1200 The Vehement Requires the Unbidden
crisis.2000 The Contingency Spawns the crisis
fallen_empires_awakening.1 Sleepers Awake Must select a Fallen Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken
galactic_features.401 Space Storm Hits Galaxy
galactic_features.403 Space Storm Dissipates
utopia.3308 End of the Cycle Option to form a covenant
utopia.3320 The Reckoning Requires accepting the covenant in the previous event to work properly
fallen_machine_empire.1 Ancient Caretakers Awaken Must select the Ancient Caretakers with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken
marauder.500 The Drums of War Must select a Marauder Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will become the Horde
distar.232 Junk Ratlings Creates the Ketling species if the Junk Ratling systems exist
distar.236 Junk Ratlings Creates the Ketling Star Pack empire if the Ketling species exists
distar.11000 Spawn L-Cluster Spawns a sealed L-Cluser
distar.13000 The L-Cluster (L-Drake) Doesn’t require the L-Cluster, but will open every L-Gate as well
graygoo.1 The L-Cluster (Gray Tempest) Requires the L-Cluster to work
graygoo.100 The L-Cluster (Dessanu Consonance) Requires the L-Cluster to work

Edict, building, and paragon cheats

anomaly.4051 Improved Working Environment
anomaly.4081 Extensive Sensor Searches
anomaly.4105 Improved Energy Initiative
anomaly.4136 Grants Master’s Teachings: The Greater Good
anomaly.4141 Grants Master’s Teachings: Philosophical Mindset
anomaly.4151 Grants Master’s Teachings: Diplomatic Trust
anomaly.4166 Grants Master’s Teachings: Warring States
leviathans.322 Ministry of Culture
ancrel.10004 Auto-Forge
ancrel.10005 Sky-Dome
ancrel.10006 Dimensional Fabricator
ancrel.10007 Affluence Center
ancrel.10008 Nourishment Center
ancrel.10009 Class-4 Singularity
paragon.241 Contained Ecosphere
galactic_features.303 Tuborek
distar.156 S875.1 Warform
distar.245 Caretaker AX7-b
ancrel.4036 Oracle
paragon.1 The Beholder
paragon.228 Astrocreator Azaryn
paragon.3115 Keides, Scion of Vagros
leviathans.123 XuraCorp paragon
leviathans.124 Riggan paragon
leviathans.125 Muutagan paragon
leviathans.590 Curator paragon
enclave.7100 Shroud-Touched paragon
astral_planes.3100 zadigal

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