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The future of TV: New advances in display tech will transform your TV

Wondering what the future of TV display technology looks like? CES 2021 is our best glimpse at what companies will be bringing to market. Here's what to expect.
samsung qled neo tv interview ces 2021 1199411476095055 elnnqil1gfr3n42rfs9k height640

Samsung talks Micro-LED and QLED NEO TVs at CES 2021

samsung 219 inch micro led tv ces 2019  2

Samsung’s blistering 219-inch Micro LED TV will cook your eyeballs, blow your mind

lg rollable oled ces 2019 11

LG’s roll-up OLED TV is every bit as magical as you’ve imagined

ifa 2018 preview trade show berlin

IFA 2018: 8K TV, AI everything, and more trends we expect to see

SoundUnion Command Bar CES booth interview 2018

Polk Audio’s Alexa-enabled soundbar could be your smart home centerpiece

Optoma CES 2018 interview booth

Optoma gives us the scoop on its upcoming 4K projectors, wireless earbuds

tcl 6 series 4k hdr led tv first look sleeper hit of 2018 ces2018 2

Affordable excellence makes the TCL 6-series the TV to buy in 2018


Thanks to Alexa, the Onelink will emit CO alarms and the latest Cardi B tracks


Muuselab keeps kids off smartphones by creating the Jooki jukebox

sony president mike fasulo interview ces 2018

We chatted with Sony President Mike Fasulo about TVs, headphones, and more

Scott Cohen Samsung booth interview CES

From TV tech to smart homes, Samsung’s Scott Cohen takes our questions

dolby ces 2018 giles baker interview booth barkley 00 03 19 14 still018

Dolby’s Giles Baker chats with us about Dolby Vision and Atmos at CES

We sat down with Giles Baker, senior VP of the Consumer Entertainment Group at Dolby, to chat about Dolby's role in home entertainment.
LG Tim Alessi and Caleb Denisen CES 2018 booth

We discuss wallpaper TVs, roll-up TVs, and OLED canyons with LG’s Tim Alessi

We talk with LG about its wallpaper OLED TVs, Technicolor partnership, roll-up TV, and canyons made of OLED screens.
usain bolt interview philips bass wireless headphones ryan waniata and

Retired but not tired, Usain Bolt plays Call of Duty, DJs, and walks rrreally slow

We interview Usain Bolt at CES 2018 about his Philips' Bass+ wireless headphones, savoring semi-retirement, and just how slow he can walk.
sony 85 inch 8k hdr tv 10000 nit a8f oled hands on series ces 2018 1

Sony’s blinding 85-inch 8K TV made us squint, while its OLED made us smile

Sony shocked us with its incredible 85-inch 8K HDR TV at its press conference, redefining what HDR will mean in the future.
mirraviz ultrabright multiview screen 00 55 04 still002

Latest MirraViz screen allows you to watch multiple movies at the same time

Showcased at CES 2018, MirraViz's new projector screen allows you to easily watch two pieces of digital content on the same surface.
interview dave das microled 8k qled smart tv xbox one x 2018

Samsung’s Dave Das discusses MicroLED, 8K QLED, and goodies for gamers

We interview Dave Das, SVP of Samsung Electronics Marketing, to talk about Samsung's grander plans for home entertainment in 2018.
Jim Kiczek CES 2018

Samsung’s Jim Kiczek shows off new gaming soundbar, retro-futuristic speakers

In our interview with Samsung's Jim Kiczek we discuss the HW-N650 gaming soundbar, as well as the new VL series wireless speakers.

Samsung’s 146-inch MicroLED is an assault on OLED. Just don’t get too close

Samsung unveils two massive and gorgeous TVs at its First Look event during CES 2018, including its first-ever MicroLED TV.
LG E7 OLED vs. Sony A1E OLED lg press

LG OLED vs. Sony OLED: The two best TVs you can buy face off

We pit the LG E7 OLED vs. Sony A1E OLED to determine which has the best picture, sound, and ultimately, which is the best TV of 2017.
GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference

GoldenEar Triton Reference: A real reference speaker for under $10K a pair? Yes, please!

The GoldenEar Triton Reference loudspeakers aren't an evolution or revolution. They're both. The speaker's creator gives us the inside scoop.
axgio ah t1 wireless earphones video review true 712

Axgio’s AH-T1 true wireless earphones let you cut the cord for 50 bones

Axgio's AH-T1 true wireless earphones offer cord-free convenience and freedom for less at the expense of some audio performance.
sony a1e westwood

Sony’s killer OLED is a technical marvel, but in one NYC gallery, it’s art too

ilive platinum multiroom speaker iswf576 video review

iLive’s stylish Platinum speaker makes multiroom audio portable and affordable

ecoxgear ecoboulder outdoor bluetooth speaker video review photo2

Roll out the party with the Ecoboulder portable Bluetooth speaker and PA system

bose qc35 vs sony mdr 1000x wireless noise canceling headphone

Bose QC35 vs. Sony MDR-1000X: Which noise-canceling headphones reign supreme?

We pit the two strongest players in the wireless noise-cancelling headphone game against each other to find out which is the best choice.
urbanears plattan 2 upgrades headphones video review

Urbanears’ Plattan 2 upgrades the sound and comfort of their classic headphones

Urbanears' popular Plattan headphones get a big enough update to bump its version up. While its looks haven't changed, sound and comfort have been improved.
sony a1e oled tv unboxing

CES brought so much standout TV tech, it was tough to pick a Best of Show winner

Digital Trends audio/video and entertainment expert Caleb Denison discusses new TV tech at CES 2017 and what went into choosing Best of Show.
sony xbr a1a home video best ces 2017 yf5vipad 1920

Sony chief puts spotlight on its impressive CES lineup led by stunning OLED TV

Sony designed its new OLED TV to look like all but a "work of art" on your wall, Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo said at CES.
Here one

Here One wireless sound-augmenting earbuds: Our first take

Doppler Labs finally unveiled its new Here One fully wireless earbuds, which do everything from playing music to equalizing live sound.
lemon california roll solar powered speaker ces 2017 lemonbluetooth 05

Lemon’s new Bluetooth speaker harnesses the power of the sun for off-the-grid fun

Crowdfunded startup Lemon has created a new Bluetooth speaker with an impressive feature set, including water resistance and solar charging.
ihome freedomglow ib91 color changing headphones video review img 1163

Light up your playlists with iHome’s FreedomGlow color-changing headphones

iHome's FreedomGlow Bluetooth headphones pumps up your style with color changing LED lights and not only looks cool but sounds good too.
honeycomb hc 1 bluetooth speaker first impressions img 1236

The Honeycomb HC-1 Bluetooth speaker follows nature’s blueprint for unique design

Honeycomb joins the crowded Bluetooth speaker marketplace with the unique HC-1. We spent some time with this funky speaker to see if it's worth taking home.

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