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Retired but not tired, Usain Bolt plays Call of Duty, DJs, and walks rrreally slow

When you think of Usain Bolt, many things come to mind: The fastest man in the world; an eight-time Olympic gold medalist; a super tall (and fit) human being. What you probably don’t think is headphones. But, as recent news about his aspirations to join Manchester United would suggest, Bolt is a man of many appetites and talents. One of those is DJing, which landed him at Gibson’s massive tent at CES 2018, where Digital Trends asked him about his endorsement for Philips‘ Bass+ wireless over-ear headphones and true wireless in-ears, savoring life in semi-retirement, and just how slow he can walk.

Bolt is a quiet guy — quiet for someone who’s one of the most accomplished and popular athletes in the world, anyway. Like most international superstars, it’s obvious he’s gotten used to everyone wanting his attention and time, and he doesn’t seem too bothered by it, either. When you have been in the spotlight on the world’s biggest stage as often and as long as he has, you probably need to find a way to chill out, both mentally and physically, whenever possible. And it’s obvious Bolt has mastered this.

Bolt said he likes to use his true wireless Bass+ earbuds for those chill moments, and the Bass+ over-ears are, of course, his go-to DJ cans. Bolt began DJing at parties, he said, and the bug grew from there with a wide variety of music. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have Usain Bolt DJ their party, club, or show?

As mentioned Bolt has enjoyed not having to wake up at an ungodly hour every day and train, but he is also not resting on his Olympic achievements. He is seriously attempting to play professional soccer for his favorite team — and perennial one of the best teams in the Premier League — though at 31, it’s going to be quite a task to try and make the team, even for someone as fast and mentally tough as Bolt.

Still, while he seems earnest in his attempt, Bolt doesn’t seem too worried about what may happen. He’s already staked his legacy, after all. From here on, it’s all just extra credit. And hey, if he can get some DJ experience in while he’s at it, why not?

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