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Bose QC35 vs. Sony MDR-1000X: Which noise-canceling headphones reign supreme?

Just a couple of years ago, wireless noise-cancelling headphones were elusive, but the tech has taken off to the point where there are now several solid options. Sennheiser’s PXC 550 and Momentum Wireless 2.0 both impressed us with their classic Sennheiser sound quality, while Plantronics’ Backbeat Pro 2 turned out to be a surprisingly feature-packed travel companion in their own right. Still, the Bose QC35 headphones have reigned as the top performer among all of the wireless noise cancelers we’ve tested thanks to their superior noise cancelling technology and extreme comfort.

That is, until now.

With the introduction of the hi-res audio capable MDR-1000x, Sony has jockeyed into contention, knocking the Bose QC35 off their pedestal as the undisputed king. Certainly, the Bose QC35 are still a strong offering, with slightly superior noise cancelling and overall comfort in comparison to the Sony MDR-1000x, but the Sony cans’ superior sound quality, advanced features and controls, serious comfort, and competitive noise cancelling make them a better overall choice, if a slightly more expensive one.

In our video, we pit the Bose QC35 against the Sony MDR-1000x in a side-by-side battle, showing off some of the key differences, and discussing why Sony’s premium LDAC technology makes such a big difference in sound quality, whether used with or without noise cancelling, and whether wired or wireless.

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