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dreamcar kill for candy interactive video premiere

DT Exclusive: Watch Dreamcar’s debut video from the perspective of any band member

ibm watson beat ai music composer phony ppl phonyppl feat

Watch: IBM uses artificial intelligence to make music with Phony Ppl

Tidal Song Editing

Three ways Spotify and Apple Music can make Tidal’s Track Edit feature a game-changer

fender mod shop hands on review video feat

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf: Fender’s Mod Shop lets you design the guitar you want

fluance rt80 rt81 turntable video review

Got vinyl? Fluance’s RT80 and RT81 turntables offer affordable excellence

funk flex drake kendrick lamar mc hammer dj interview ii

DJ Funk Flex explains why software DJs can't touch him, why he called out Drake

funk flex hot 97 summer jam michael jackson funkflex feat

#nofilter: DJ Funk Flex would rather rant on the radio than on Twitter

youtube music app video review ytfeat

YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet

kef m100 in ear headphones video review

KEF’s new M100 headphones are stylish and comfortable, inside and out

Polk Swimmer Duo beach

Hang anywhere with the Swimmer Duo and Swimmer Jr. waterproof Bluetooth speakers

hi res audio roundup ifa 2015 4

Hi-res audio was big at IFA 2015, but are you willing to pay for it?

spotify counter punches adds new features to match apple music spotifyfeatthumb

Spotify counter-punches, adds new features to match Apple Music

u turn audio orbit turntable video review featured image

U-Turn Audio’s Orbit is, by far, the best bang for your buck we’ve seen in a turntable

U-Turn Audio's Orbit turntable offers an ideal blend of sweet sound and affordability, making it an ideal choice for a new or returning vinyl enthusiast.
jvc xx elation bluetooth wireless headphone review dsc 8116

JVC XX Elation Bluetooth headphones: Surprisingly solid sound, expectedly low price

Watch JVC's budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones surprise us with their balanced sound, optional bass boost, and impressive battery life.
ultimate ears roll bluetooth speaker video review ue feature

Ultimate Ears’ Roll portable speaker takes a dunkin’ and keeps on thumpin’

Watch us dunk UE's new Roll Bluetooth speaker in a pitcher of water, proving its resilience is no joke. Turns out, neither is its sound quality.
torque customizable headphones video review

Torque takes personalization to the extreme with its line of customizable headphones

Torque takes the notion of customization to the extreme with a new line of headphones that lets users swap parts in order to adjust the sound signature.

Style meets substance in the Marshall Headphones Major II | Video Review

Those looking for affordable headphones with style, comfort, durability, and performance will want to check out the Major II from Marshall Headphones.
spotify vs tidal streaming

Spotify vs. Tidal: Can a star-studded newcomer upend the current king?

Creative Soundblaster Roar

Turn it up: Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar is a lion in a den of housecats

The Sound Blaster Roar packs more features and volume into a $150 Bluetooth speaker than we've seen yet.
parrot zik 2 0 hands on video review

Adjust the noise with Parrot’s Zik 2.0 wireless noise-cancelling cans

Parrot's Zik 2.0 wireless noise cancelling headphones have all the features you could want and more, but are these cans a little too complicated?
senmheiser momentum 2 0 wireless hands on video sennheiser

Get a good look at Sennheiser’s new Momentum Wireless headphones

Sennheiser has souped-up its Momentum headphones in the new Momentum 2.0, which pack a serious punch of features, and a serious price tag to match.

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