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Mike Mettler

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Mike Mettler is the music editor of Sound & Vision, where he also served as editor-in-chief for 7 years. His writing has appeared in Guitar Player, Palm Springs Life, Car Stereo Review, Technology Tell, and UniVibes (a Jimi Hendrix quarterly published in Italy). He also interviews artists and producers about their love of music and high-resolution audio on his own site, The SoundBard (www.soundbard.com), and champions the merits of high-resolution audio as the chief content officer of Hi Res Audio Central (www.hiresaudiocentral.com). In his alleged spare time, he dreams of owning a fastback 1967 Mustang.

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Embracing the ’80s and flipping the script with The Shins frontman James Mercer

James Mercer and his ace band The Shins came up with eleven new arrangements for every song on their 2017 release Heartworms and re-recorded them for a stunning role-reversal album called The Worm’s Heart, which may even eclipse the power…

Naked but never nihilistic, Starsailor charts a course for indie soul

Modern vocalists have to navigate the slippery slope of connecting emotionally with listeners without tipping over into sappy/corny territory — something Starsailor leader James Walsh does with honest panache on All This Life.

How new wave legend Nick Heyward transformed his musical doodles into songs

Nick Heyward’s knack for creating indie-rock-laced earwig confections are akin to those found in the DNA of modern pop artists like Sam Smith, Hozier, Charlie Puth, and James Bay

Avenged Sevenfold is down with Beach Boys covers, but not with going to Mars

The deluxe edition of Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage doubles the album’s original track count with one new song, six covers, and four live tracks. Singer M. Shadows sees it as the next stage of the band’s creative evolution.

Joss Stone tossed the script (and recorded her dogs) for ‘Project Mama Earth’

Singer Joss Stone told us how five people maintained a free-thinking approach to creating music without restriction, how to stop obsessing over studio perfection, and how Nature helped pave the way for Mama Earth’s lyrics and rhythms.

Pop a cork and sit down. For Slowdive, vinyl is all about the ceremony

Slowdive guitarist/vocalist Neil Halstead discusses the band’s new appeal to teenage audiences, why you have to curb your digital options during the recording process, and why shoegazing is no longer a four-letter word.