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Hang anywhere with the Swimmer Duo and Swimmer Jr. waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Polk BOOM has added some fancy new additions to go along with the company’s popular Swimmer waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Joining the fold is the new Swimmer Jr, a smaller version of the original Swimmer, as well as the Swimmer Duo, which lets you link up two speakers for double the fun.

Drafted to be as deft at rocking out in the shower as they are the living room, it’s no surprise that Polk’s Swimmer speakers look a lot like shower heads — dousing you with tunes, rather than water. But the Swimmer Duo’s interchangeable backside gives it some serious versatility. Not only can you bend around the tail of the speakers to mount them just about anywhere, but the larger model also comes with an add-on suction cup, so you can stick it to walls, windows, and other surfaces.

The suction cup is a fun inclusion in the overall package to allow you plenty of freedom in setup, but it also adds something to the table in the way of audio performance. Using a set of paired-up Duos stuck to our office window, we were impressed not only by the stereo separation provided by the new Duo feature, but also by the  pair’s ability to leverage the window for some decent resonance in the bass register. In fact, there was enough bump going on to feel the bass through the floor from several feet away.

Otherwise, both the Swimmer Duo, and the new Swimmer Jr. offer similar sound signatures, boasting clear and detailed midrange reproduction, and a taut, if not slightly brittle, upper register. And while bass is obviously lacking from such diminutive devices, we were surprised at how full they actually sounded — especially with two Duo speakers working in tandem. Our only real issue with the Swimmer sound is some obvious DSP compression that kicked in when cranking the speakers up in an effort to stop them from distorting.

That said, at $60 for the Duo, and just $40 for the Swimmer Jr., it’s hard to complain much about the sound. Along with being waterproof with an IPX 7 rating, the speakers are also able to take a fair beating, and to stand up to other elements like sand and dust. Other features include an eight-hour estimated battery runtime for both new models, as well as an on-board speakerphone in each.

Polk BOOM’s new Swimmer Duo, and Swimmer Jr. are available today on Polk BOOM’s website, AT&T stores, and on Amazon.

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