New Apple tvOS finally brings comfort of iOS to your TV

While the headline attractions at Apple’s most recent event were the 13-inch iPad Pro and iPhone 6S, the biggest leap forward announced at Apple’s latest keynote was the new and improved Apple TV. Boasting a slightly taller form factor and a completely redesigned touch remote, this new piece of home theater hardware attempts to bridge the gap between iOS and your TV.

With tvOS, a completely new operating system working at the core of the device, the new user interface and app store will be a welcoming sight to users. Siri is at the heart of the new Apple TV. Voice search works across most of the video streaming apps available, and you can ask Siri a series of questions to narrow the results.

In this episode of “Explained”, Joshua Smith breaks down everything that’s new in tvOS, along with the potential of Apple’s new set top streaming box. See how the software is already being used, how you can expect to use it and more in this quick video.

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