No problems here, Houston: LSTN Apollo BT speaker boasts style and performance

Editor’s Note 4-29-16 by Caleb Denison: Listn has reduced the price of the Apollo to $200 and the speaker is now available directly from LSTN exclusively. This article has been adjusted to reflect the price reduction, though the accompanying video has not. 

Bluetooth speakers have found their way into households everywhere, but with so many choices out there it can be difficult for new speakers to stand out above the fray. With inconsistent build quality and sound performance all too common in the genre, finding a quality choice can prove harder than you might think

LSTN Sound & Co. strives to answer the call for something better with the Apollo. Sporting real Zebrawood along the exterior, 10 hours of battery life, twin 45mm drivers, and more, the Apollo manages to pack a lot into its small package. Going the extra mile, part of the proceeds from the $200 speaker are used to help provide hearing aids to those in need across the world.

In this video we go hands-on with the Apollo and share what’s in the box, how well the speaker does its thing, and how it holds up to daily use. Though it’s got plenty of style, does the Apollo have the goods where it counts to live up to its premium price tag? Check out our quick video review to find out and help you decide if the speaker is worth your hard-earned cash.

Available from Listn here.