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The Sound BlasterX H5s are an affordable option for uncomfortable gamers

Who said you need to have all the bells and whistles when simply trying to upgrade your gaming audio setup? With most premium options from Turtle Beach to Astro asking for wads of cash, gamers on a budget are looking for a more pocket-friendly option. The Sound BlasterX H5s are the latest headset from Creative Labs, promising comfort along with premium audio quality and functionality in one headset for just $100. Is that even possible?

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In this video avid gamer Joshua Smith goes hands-on with the H5s to see if they can really deliver for the price. With an “old-school” analog connection, will gamers be ok doing without the convenience of Bluetooth? Though light-weight, will the make of the H5s please those looking for a little extra style? Find out what’s what with the latest from Creative Labs in this quick video review.

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