Soldier 76 can be a key ally for 'Overwatch' players

Though Soldier 76 may be known around Overwatch as a rather “boring” character, this trooper is nevertheless ready to fight. Whether attacking or defending, Soldier 76 can launch helix rockets for sufficient damage, biotic fields for aid, and bring much more to the table, all of which makes him an extreme danger to enemies. Despite many references to the Soldier as the Pixar Call of Duty character, you can do really do well with this character, but you’re gonna need to use your smarts. If you’re looking to really buckle down and work for massive kill streaks and victories, be sure to use these five tips to help get you there.

Look at your gun


Overwatch can be an incredibly fast-paced game with dangers around every corner. Though ammo is unlimited in the battlefield you will still have to be quite prompt about reloading to stay alive. While you can track your rounds by the ticker in the bottom right corner, Soldier’s gun can visually help players keeps track of their shells as well. Though rounds can be spotted it can be particularly helpful and easier to keep an eye on the bright orange helix rocket icon. This way you know when you have the ability and when you don’t all while keeping your eyes set on what’s coming your way.

Say ‘hello’ with your helix rockets


Soldier’s sprint ability is one of his best traits as it’ll help you move around the map with ease, sometimes getting you out of sticky situations and sometimes into the same. A good rule of thumb is to always greet your enemies with your helix rockets. From tanks to supports these can catch an enemy off guard when you engage while also dealing a healthy blow of damage moments before you spray your rifle. Near or afar use these rockets as one of your most used tools and soon you’ll be saying goodbye to the enemy as fast as you’ve said hello.

Space your trigger


Using Soldiers weapon is very different from actually knowing how it works. While it’s extremely easy to get trigger happy, notice that the longer you hold to shoot the wider the field of damage becomes which can ultimately decrease damage given when focusing on one enemy. In order to take out your opponents more accurately space your shots in short sporadic spurts instead of long-winded chamber emptying sprees. This way you can really lock onto your enemies better without even having to have or use your ultimate ability.

Use some height


Most Soldier 76 players love to put Soldier in the thick of things thanks to his quick cool downs, reloads and impactful pulses. While this strategy can work it can also result in more deaths if you’re not too carefully supported or guarded. Surprising as it may seem giving yourself a height advantage can give your enemies an extreme disadvantage as most of the time they’ll be too distracted to notice where these death influencing blows are coming from. Turn your 1-1 plays into 10 player kill streaks as you shock your enemies from above then drop down for a bold reveal.

Desperate? Use your healer.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. While Soldier can take a bit of damage sometimes he takes it a little too well. While building a good consciousness of using your helix rockets and spraying your rifle can become a helpful habit. Using your biotic field can prove most beneficial when trapped in corners, needing to reload and even more. Let the healer do the grunt work and absorb your damage while you wait for your opponent to run out of ammo and reload. Escape death by the grit of your teeth and move on to the nearest health pack after.


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