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‘Vampyr’ pre-alpha trailer released ahead of game’s 2017 launch

The still-in-development Vampyr, a vampire-themed RPG from “Life is Strange” creators Dontnod Entertainment, has come forth with a pre-alpha gameplay trailer for the upcoming title.

The trailer for the game, which is loosely set for a 2017 release, details how players will make their way through the setting — 1918 London, during the Spanish flu pandemic. While this version of history will still likely involve the infection of 500 million people around the world, it also bases its story around vampires. Antihero Jonathan E. Reid, who gamers control throughout the game, is a bloodthirsty surgeon-turned-vampire who must kill to survive and level up.

Because he’s a doctor, Reid constantly weighs his medical knowledge against his thirst for blood, which provides the inner conflict driving the game’s story line.

But as the trailer shows, it’s not exactly an all-you-can-eat buffet for Reid — the player must be strategic when deciding who to kill, as ending the life of just any other NPC could drastically impact future events in the game.

Through investigation, eavesdropping, and conversation, as well as the ability to sense other characters’ blood quality to check if they’re affected by Spanish influenza, Reid must stealthily feast to avoid complete societal chaos.

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As the trailer shows, Reid doesn’t start the game in full vampire mode — the character slowly comes to terms with his condition, learning how to use his powers effectively and efficiently for a planned outcome.

Combat is Assasin’s Creed style, with dark magic maneuvers, machetes, and other weapons in addition to the traditional vampire bite. Dialogue features a conversation wheel, giving players options to choose their own adventure, impacting the game differently with each decision.

While the game’s set release for 2017 doesn’t provide much information, the developers have said Vampyr will be available for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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