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Harrison Kaminsky

Harrison Kaminsky


Harrison’s obsession in the tech space originated in his father’s electronics store in Denville, New Jersey, where he spent his teenage summers tinkering around and toying with gadgets. After serving as managing editor of his college paper, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and now spends his weekdays working in New York City.

unicode approves new emojis 2017 emoji movie

Unicode 10.0, with gender-inclusive and 53 other new emojis, arrives

Unicode 10.0 has officially been released. The new emoji support will be included in major updates for Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google. 
twitter auto crops improve with ai

Notable Twitter accounts hacked, posting links promoting free followers

The tweets had been sent via Twitter Counter, which provides stats of Twitter usage and tracks 14 million users and features ads to free followers services.
microsoft diversity bonus initiative microsoftoctoberevent 09

Microsoft to begin rewarding executives for diversity hiring

The company will start tying executive bonuses to specific workforce diversity goals, as the company’s number of female employees dropped from a year ago.
8th gen intel core launch building 01

Layoffs coming for Intel's wearables division

Issues with products malfunctioning and an inability to dent the market is causing the tech giant to back away from wearables, starting with job cuts.
secret anomymous app coming back

Emboldened by election results, Secret app is coming back

Co-founder David Byttow said “Secret V2 is coming. It’s too important not to exist.” He explained the the downsides of current social media products.
facebook launching public chat rooms messenger

Facebook is launching 'Rooms' in select markets to offer public chat rooms in Messenger

Facebook will roll out a new feature called “Rooms” as part of Messenger — an addition meant to encourage public conversations about topics and interests.
amazon pay parents court ftc unathorized purchase wr

Judge orders Amazon to pay back parents after their kids made unauthorized app store purchases

The issue began when the FTC told Amazon that if it didn’t adopt a more Apple-like policy about in-app purchases, it might wind up in court. Court happened.
Image of The Simpsons

‘The Simpsons’ renewed to become the longest-running scripted TV show

The Simpsons will make a return to TV screens across the country, as Fox has renewed the show for its 29th and 30th seasons, breaking multiple records.
Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Nintendo powering up its classic Power Line during NES Classic launch weekend

On Nov. 11, calling 425-885-7529 will connect you to the company’s retired Power Line, which provided hints and tips for Nintendo titles of the 1980s.
new on hbo

Google is bringing 'Fantastic Beasts' to your Android phone

Ahead of the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Google’s voice assistant will let you cast Potter spells to interact with your phone.
universal pictures voltron movie dreamworks animation

‘Voltron’ film could be a reality following Universal’s DreamWorks acquisition

After Universal Pictures bought DreamWorks for $4 billion, the Voltron project was one of the in-development films that came along with the acquisition.
tcl xess tablet integrates amazon alexa

TCL’s kitchen-ready tablet adds Amazon Alexa integration

TCL’s Xess tablet is a massive 17.3-inch “smart home hub,” and aside from the new Alexa integration, it offers built-in JBL speakers, and a remote camera.
mcdonalds mobile order payment roll out mcdonald s

McDonald’s to roll out mobile order and payment in 2017

McDonald's spokesperson Becca Hary said that the technology will begin rolling out in 2017 in the United States as well as international markets.
any given wednesday bill simmons hbo cancelled

HBO canceling Bill Simmons’ show ‘Any Given Wednesday’ after four months on the air

Any Given Wednesday, Simmons’ sports and culture talk show, will air its last episode Nov. 9, HBO announced -- just four months after the show’s debut.
Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 8 could feature OLED display, reports suggest

Tai Jeng-wu, the president at Sharp, said “the iPhone has been evolving and now it is switching from LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) to OLED panels.”
man ukraine changed name iphone 7 win device contest guy

A Ukrainian man changed his name to iPhone 7 to win a free device

Turin, who entered a contest at his local electronics store, changed his name to iPhone Sim to win the phone for free, avoiding the hefty price of $850 USD.
The International Space Station.

After 115-day mission, International Space Station astronauts safely return home

A three-astronaut crew made a landing in Kazakhstan after an only three-and-a-half hour journey from the International Space Station late Saturday night.
bitcoin future exchanges coming soon bitcoins

Bitcoin will soon be available for purchase on Swiss railway ticket machines

Starting Nov. 11, customers on the Swiss railway will be able to trade their Swiss francs for Bitcoins on ticket machines.
giphy creates vine conversion tool for gifs giphyvine pic

Giphy is letting you import your Vine accounts and convert your videos into Gifs

Giphy is offering the conversion service to Vine users. Twitter said the website would not shut down and would act as a digital archive for videos.
Apple MacBook Pro OLED with Touch Bar

Two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the 13″ MacBook Pro have reduced PCI Express bandwidth

On the right side of the MacBook Pro, the two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports have reduced PCI Express bandwidth, and should be used for low-performing devices.
13 inch macbook pro solid state drive ssd removable fullsizerender 768x576

13” MacBook Pro teardown reveals product details we didn’t hear from Apple

A teardown of the "13 MacBook Pro revealed that the SSD is removable, letting users replace or upgrade the storage space that comes with their MacBook,
facebook introduces lifestage app compete snapchat lifestage1

Facebook’s Lifestage app for high school teens arrives on Android

Facebook's Lifestage app aimed at exclusively at high school teens is now available on Android. Will it replace Snapchat as every teen's favorite platform?
cygnus nasa orbital supply ship international space station

Supply ship successfully arrives at International Space Station

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft was captured by the ISS’ robotic arm today. The ship carried materials for science experiments and other supplies for the crew.
facebook reapprove breast cancer awareness ad blocking censor cancerfonden1

Facebook has re-approved a breast cancer awareness ad after initially blocking it for its content

A few days after Swedish cancer charity Cancerfonden posted an informational ad titled “Get to know your breasts," the social network removed the post.
mate 9 pro long island curved screen specs price

Huawei’s flagship has a big brother, and a big price tag

A new leak reveals that the Mate 9 -- codenamed “Manhattan” -- will have a big brother, aptly codenamed “Long Island,” released as the Mate 9 Pro.
Rondolino Residence

Airbnb files federal lawsuit after passage of prohibitive New York bill

With the law's passage, owners can be fined $1,000 for their first violation, $5,000 for their second, and $7,500 for the third and future violations.
walmart invests 50 million new dada feat

Walmart invests $50 million in Chinese online grocery and delivery company

To compete with Amazon, Walmart is investing $50 million in Chinese online grocery and delivery company New Dada, the retail giant announced Friday.
atlexa modular fitness backpack kickstarter

This modular backpack also doubles as workout equipment, and is launching on Kickstarter this week

Atlexa is a modular, lightweight, fitness backpack. The bag’s stretchable straps make it incredible versatile as easily transportable workout equipment.
Stranger Things

Celebrate Your Love For Stranger Things this Halloween with this DIY light kit

Fans of the overnight Netflix hit series will be pleased to find instructions on how to create their own LED light kit to communicate with the dead.
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ beta is now available to PS4 pre-orders

The beta went live this weekend for the PlayStation 4, leaving Xbox One owners waiting for their respective platform launch of the beta next weekend.
coen brothers to screenwrite silk road dark web movie feature

Coen brothers to write screenplay for ‘Dark Web’ film based on Silk Road

The film will cover Ulbricht’s rise as founder of the drug trafficking marketplace “The Silk Road” and as a murderous kingpin as the site’s popularity grew.
xbox one elite controller disability affordable accessible

Xbox One Elite controller provides a better option for gamers with disabilities

The Xbox One Elite controller's options for customizations and extra buttons on the back of the hand grip gives easy use to those who are disabled.
oakley intel radar pace tech glasses eyewear

Oakley and Intel’s Radar Pace offers a fresh take on tech eyewear

The Radar Pace glasses collect and analyze personal performance data and deliver real-time feedback, instruction, and motivation based on performance.
ask trump backfires donald

‘Law and Order: SVU’ to push back episode featuring Trump-inspired character

NBC is delaying an upcoming episode of the show that is heavily inspired by the civil lawsuit pending against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.