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best amazon tech deals 5 25 2017 online tablet shopping

An online shopping retailer has been sold for $3.3 billion, and no, it’s not

Naspers is selling Allegro, the Polish eBay rival, to Permira consortium for $3.3 billion, after Walmart purchased Jet for the same price tag in August.
a chicken called betty tries to tweet her way world record

PETA spotlights animal cruelty through VR at immersive tech conference this weekend

PETA will showcase VR experiences and the head of PETA’s Innovations Department will talk about how emerging tech can help develop empathy for animals.
oculus acquires infiniled produce power efficient displays zuckerberg

Facebook’s Oculus acquires inorganic LED company to produce better displays

InfiniLED displays consume less power than normal LCD and OLED displays and are capable of producing four times more light with better contrast and range.
r2 d2 coffee press thinkgeek 3x2

Pre-order this R2-D2 coffee press just in time for ‘Rogue One’

For $40, fans of the intergalactic franchise can pre-order the R2-D2 coffee press, which is set to ship in mid-December, just in time for Rogue One.
monitor home appliance energy sense

Monitor your home appliances with Sense's affordable load monitoring system

By installing the Sense monitor in your electrical panel, you’ll be able to watch all of your home’s appliances and track what's using the most electricity.
ups test drone deliveries cyphy partnership

UPS test drives drone delivery with mock package

Venturing into the world of drones, UPS announced it is starting to test emergency deliveries with help from CyPhy Works, a Massachusetts drone company.
the beatles arriving on streaming services christmas eve

Listen to this AI-composed song in the style of The Beatles

The team’s Flow Machines project successfully created entire pop songs composed by artificial intelligence, after learning musical styles from a database.
sanwa designs minimal kitchen units

Japanese kitchen manufacturer unveils minimalist units for the city dweller

Sanway's Japanese-manufactured kitchen unit collection offers a combination of flexibility and style, designed for those with small living spaces.
oakland police loses quarter body cam footage blue light flasher atop of a car  city lights on the background

A quarter of the Oakland P.D.'s body-cam footage was deleted

While police are scratching their heads as to why the footage was deleted, the department said it has not discovered any cases affected by the incident.
netflix greenlights spike lee tv adaptation 1

Netflix greenlights Spike Lee’s foray into series TV

Netflix has greenlighted a 10-episode-long adaptation of the film, which Lee will direct and executive produce with his wife, producer Tonya Lewis Lee.
skype for web beta gets global rollout

Microsoft to shutter Skype’s London HQ, lay off 400 employees

The move means approximately 400 people will lose their jobs, as the company made the decision to unify some engineering positions.
porch expands retailer partnerships compete amazon home services app

Porch expands home services partners to compete with amazon

The company announced a deal resulting in a partnership with Rejuvenation, a home goods store, to offer assembly home services to retail customers..
best police scanner apps

Los Angeles police disarm an attempted murder suspect with a robot

An hours-long standoff in the Antelope Valley ended with police swiping a rifle from an attempted murder suspect using a remote-controlled robot.

Twitter shares continue to plummet as investors push for takeover

With many anticipating an eventual sale of Twitter to a larger firm, news from Thursday’s board meeting pushed those predictions aside for the time being.
alexa calling privacy amazon echo

Siri inventor calls tech behind Amazon’s Alexa ‘incomplete’

Voice assistants have come far,, but the man behind much of Siri’s technology is now taking issue with Amazon’s Alexa, calling the concept “incomplete.”
gab ai promises freedom of speech gabfix

New social network preaches freedom of expression for internet users

Founded by Andrew Torba, an open Trump supporter, the site follows the coattails of Facebook and Twitter’s recent battles with user censorship.
worlds first robotic eye surgery feat

British doctors successfully completed the world’s first robotic surgery on a human eye

British surgeons this week “successfully performed the world’s first robotic operation inside the eye, revolutionizing the way such conditions are treated."
sony one megapixel two millimeter sensor

It’ll soon be easier than ever to transfer data between PlayStation 4s

Users will be able to to transfer games, saved data, videos, screenshots, system settings, and more from a standard PS4 to a PS4 Pro using Ethernet cables.
grovemade releases iphone 7 cases accessories wood leather walnut galb b1

Grovemade releases collection of wood and leather accessories for the iPhone 7

The company specializes in creating wooden and leather accessories and introduced a new collection to pair with Apple’s newest releases last week.
dontnod details life is strange follow up vampyr dontnot 2

‘Vampyr’ pre-alpha trailer released ahead of game’s 2017 launch

The trailer, which is loosely set for a 2017 release, details how players will make their way through the setting — 1918 London, during the Spanish flu.
dummy finger resident evil red herring 7 biohazard 10

'Resident Evil 7' Details Leaked Through ESRB Listing

While ESRB removed the listing, it said gamers will assume "the role of Ethan, a man searching for his missing wife in a derelict mansion.”
License Plate Reader

New York DMV’s facial recognition enhancements have led to more than 100 arrests since January

After New York State made enhancements to how its DMV combats identity theft and fraud in January, the changes have led to 100 arrests and 900 open cases.
The birds of the Angry Birds Movie.

Angry Birds creators have sequel feature film in the works

“The Angry Birds Movie,” which came out in May 2016, took in an estimated $346.9 million at the box office worldwide, and had a budget of $73 million.
microsoft sues us government gag orders 2

Microsoft ramps up efforts to fight internet trolls with new reporting tools

Through a dedicated web form for users to report hate speech on Microsoft’s consumer services, the company hopes to create safer online communities.
Exo insect protein cricket flour bugs

Crickets hit the plates as the latest Silicon Valley snacking trend

Employees of tech companies in Silicon Valley have taken to snacking on crickets at work as means to absorb protein efficiently, while helping the earth.
wikiverse opens as exploratory wikipedia

Race through the Wikiverse for your next internet search

Wikiverse, a web-based interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia displays the encyclopedia of the internet as a web of information to explore with a mouse.
deloitte survey shows augmented reality widespread pokemongo feat

Pokémon Go technology is everywhere

Of the 500 mid-market companies surveyed in Deloitte's annual report, 89 percent said they were already using AR in their business --- showing its ubiquity.
dnc russia hack fbi investigation

The Democratic National Convention was full of nonsensical gibberish and nobody noticed

A YouTube channel by the name of “Bad Lip Reading” has obtained unreleased footage from the DNC in Philadelphia last month, and it isn’t pretty.
artist builds aircraft hangar over family cottage aircrafthangar2

Aircrafts and Cottages: Artist blends architectural philosophies in family home

A tour of the home he created for himself and his family illustrates how unique the space is, while illustrating his thoughts on architecture and life.
microsoft edge click to run flash header

Microsoft will reward you for using its Edge browser in converted loyalty program

Set to rebrand Bing Rewards as Microsoft Rewards, the system will not only give users points for using Bing, but for also browsing the web with Edge.
tesla model x 60d gone 3v2

Newly Dutch-approved Tesla Model S and Model X will take the cars further on a single charge

According to Kenteken TV, which posted the news, Dutch regulators have approved both new versions – each dubbed P100D -- of the Model X and Model S for use.
spacex fcc application global wifi gigabit usa ses 9 launch

Elon Musk landed his sixth Falcon 9 rocket after launching a satellite into orbit

After taking off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Falcon 9 was tasked — and succeeded — with launching a satellite into geostationary transfer orbit
nintendo wanted goldeneye to be less violent header

Relive the glory days with this free-to-play ‘GoldenEye: 007’ multiplayer remake on PC

Forget dusting off the N64 to play 1997’s GoldenEye 007 – a multiplayer version of the game with updated graphics is now available for free to your PC.
Instagram on Phone

Brands leap to Instagram Stories, find success

With the new Instagram Stories feature, it’s easy to orchestrate a story from start to finish, allowing the content to differentiate itself in a feed.