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Microsoft will reward you for using its Edge browser in converted loyalty program

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Though competitors have been gifted an enormous head start, Microsoft is struggling to get users on board with its Edge browser, which debuted in Windows 10 last year. But with an update to its Bing Rewards program to include Edge users, the mammoth conglomerate aims to tighten the gap.

Set to rebrand Bing Rewards as Microsoft Rewards, the loyalty system will not only give users exchangeable rewards points for using its Bing search engine, but for also browsing the web with the Edge browser.

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It’s no secret that Google has led the browser wars for some time, with Chrome taking up nearly 58 percent of the market share as of July. Microsoft’s age-old Internet Explorer is second with 5.2 percent, and Edge doesn’t even show up on the most recent charts. The Microsoft Rewards effort could work toward the company’s favor if it proves effective.

Through the previous Bing Rewards system, users could use their credits to redeem gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.), discounts (Microsoft Store), and other benefits. Under Microsoft Rewards, credits will turn into points, and existing credits will multiply by ten through the new conversion system. In addition, the three member tiers for Bing Rewards (Member, Silver, Gold), will be reduced to two: Level 1 and Level 2. According to the Microsoft Rewards landing page, Level 2 members can earn more points on Bing, save up to 10 percent on rewards from Microsoft Brands, and get access to exclusive offers.

“Existing Bing Rewards members get a free boost to Level 2 through October 31, 2016. After that, keeping Level 2 status is a cinch — just collect 500 points each month,” the site reads.

Microsoft also eliminated its minimum age requirement for membership, 13, as users of all ages can now participate in the rewards program.

Adding extra incentive beyond its campaign to present Edge as the browser of the future, the company hopes users will jump to the service for their web browsing needs.

While the program isn’t fully launched, Microsoft will roll it out within the next few weeks, but only to residents in the United States.

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