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google surveillance report first half 2016 googlehq feat

Google Cloud Platform gains video software company Anvato after acquisition

In an effort to expand its offerings in cloud-based video processing, Google announced this week it had bought Anvato, a video software platform.
apple paying 25 million patent case appletimemachine

Apple is forking over $25 million for violating a patent in iOS and OS X interfaces

Apple will pay Mirror Technologies for infringing on a patent based on streams of information used in Cover Flow, Spotlight and Time Machine.
ashley madison real name hack

Ashley Madison finally admits to sleazy fake fembots

The company announced its new leaders and revealed past issues with the site in hopes of regaining user trust to move beyond previous mistakes.
pokemon go filter businesses near pokestops

Server overloads cause Pokémon Go global rollout to halt

Server overloads caused Niantic Labs to halt its international rollout of the popular game to countries including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
jesus vr movie

The messiah returns this Christmas with ‘Jesus VR’ film

The messiah will return this Christmas for his virtual reality debut in Jesus VR -- The Story of Christ, this December.
microsoft linkedin integration ms 2016 06 12 1 c

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

SEC documents unveiled Friday reveal that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network.
alphabet google anniversary business changes becomes

Alphabet's ideal city vision involves a world where Uber is king

Sidewalk Labs documents reveal plans in which cities would rid themselves of public transportation and instead subsidize travel through services like Uber.
lyftecto1ghostbusters lyft ecto

Go ghost with Lyft today and you could ride in an Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters

Order a Lyft in Ghost Mode in select cities across the United States and you could hitch a ride in an Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters movie, courtesy of Sony.
Apple iOS 10 Beta 1

Apple clears up data privacy concerns in iOS 10

As Apple begins to enter the artificial intelligence realm with iOS 10, leveling with its users about how it plans to collect their data will be key.
facebook hires kevin lo antennas

Facebook picks up former Google Fiber manager to boost global connectivity efforts

Facebook has hired Kevin Lo, former general manager of Google Fiber, to serve as its director of infrastructure connectivity and investments.

Quitters Never Win: Leave mid-game in Overwatch too often and you could be banned for a season

Gamers playing Blizzard's Overwatch will start seeing penalties for leaving mid-game once the beta version of Competitive Play is released to the public.
microsoft boost non compliant apps windows store iarc rating laptop

Windows makes classics like WordPad, Fax and Scan, Character Map and XPS Viewer available for Insiders

Windows Insiders can now download Win32 classics like WordPad, Fax and Scan, XPS Viewer and Character Map after they were ported to Windows 10.
airbnb releases list of most wish listed properties treehouse 3

Airbnb could lose much of its New York business if State Senate bill passes

Airbnb could lose much of its New York business after a bill passed that would outlaw the company from listing unoccupied properties for short-term rentals.
netflix adds picture in ipad sign

Wave productivity goodbye: Netflix adds long-awaited picture-in-picture support to iPad

While Apple added picture-in-picture support for videos with iOS 9, Netflix is only finally hopping on board and updating its app with the feature built in.
leeco lecoming to leamerica 2016 letv one pro

Moving In: LeEco ramps up US expansion plans with new hires, new land

Chinese tech giant LeEco is beginning to speed up its plans to expand into the U.S. market, as it is rapidly hiring employees and purchased land from Yahoo.
orlebar brown design your own swim shorts 25600

Be the designer: Create your own Orlebar Brown swim trunks with Instagram

Orlebar Brown's updated app, #SnapShorts, will let users create their own swim trunks using their Instagram pictures — for a price.
uber rider driver ratings

France 1, Uber 0: Company loses court battle in country after illegally operating transportation business

A French court has decided Uber was illegally operating in the country with its low-cost UberPop service. The company was fined nearly $1 million.