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Relive the glory days with this free-to-play ‘GoldenEye: 007’ multiplayer remake on PC

GoldenEye: Source 5.0 - Official Release Trailer
For those wrapped up in the nostalgia of Pokémon Go, another generational favorite from a separate screen is getting attention this weekend.

Forget dusting off the old N64 controllers to get some facetime with 1997’s beloved GoldenEye 007 — a multiplayer version of the first-person shooter with updated graphics is now officially available through a free download to your PC. Dubbed GoldenEye: Source by its small team of developers/Bond fans, the game has been in the works for the past 10 years, receiving its first update in more than three years this week.

The game has 25 redeveloped maps, 10 separate multiplayer game modes, and redesigned versions of the original game’s 28 weapons, according to The Verge. The game was developed using Valve’s Source engine, which you may recognize as the same tool used to create Counter Strike and Half-Life.

It should be noted that the mod does not include a single-player game mode with the original game’s missions. As the FAQ section on the developers’ site states, there are “no plans to make single-player as we do not have the resources or sufficient number of developers to create it.”

No reason not to jump into the fun — fans will enjoy the mix of retro and modern style in this remake of the classic FPS.

“Source aims to appeal to fans of the original as well as anyone looking for an enjoyable multiplayer free-for-all shooter,” the game’s site states.

With relatively minimal system requirements, the developers recommend using a PC with about 4GB of RAM running Windows 7 or later.

The developers noted on their site that because the game has been a not-for-profit modification since it began development 10 years ago, it has relied upon fan support to help with mirror hosting or game servers.

“From all of us at GoldenEye: Source, we’d like to thank you for all your support. This is a project made by fans, for fans,” the game’s site reads. “Whether you want to reminisce in some of your fondest console memories, or team up against your best friends all over again, we hope that GoldenEye: Source provides you the means to do so.”

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