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Celebrate Your Love For Stranger Things this Halloween with this DIY light kit

stranger things diy light kit instructables halloween strangerthingslights
For those looking to amp up the pop culture in their Halloween decorations this year, DIY tech-crafting site Instructables offers up the perfect Stranger Things homage for your living room.

Fans of the overnight Netflix hit thriller series will be pleased to find instructions on how to create their own LED light kit to communicate with the dead — or any children who have been whisked away to the Upside Down. Using just an Arduino board, addressable LED string lights, an adapter, and a few power supplies, you’ll be on your way to hunting down the Demogorgon in no time.

All of the materials are available on Amazon for pretty reasonable prices, and there are no additional tools required — the good news is that this means no soldering is needed! After some simple wiring, font selection, printing the alphabet, and matching LEDs on the wall with different letters, you’re ready to start programming.

Since the author of this Instructables guide is not an experienced coder, as they admit, there might be some issues with the provided code — but users in the comment section seem to be pleased with their end result.

Once you’ve finished programming, you’re ready to test and modify anything you’d like changed with the lights — rates of changes, speed of letters showing up and disappearing, etc. After this, the lights should be good to go, and ready to scare the heck out of anyone who shows up in your living room this Halloween.

While Eleven and the rest of the Stranger Things gang won’t be around for your Halloween crafting journey, this DIY project is surely worthy enough for Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers to be proud.

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