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'Westworld' as re-created in 'The Sims' is almost too perfect

Following Westworld‘s explosive season finale several weeks ago, we’ve been clamoring for more of HBO’s fantastic mix of old-school western tropes and science-fiction mystery. Though the show isn’t expected to return with new episodes until 2018, several players in EA’s The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 have been keeping themselves busy with re-creations of Westworld‘s iconic scenes and characters.

YouTuber Katverse released a video showing just how she designed Evan Rachel Wood’s “Dolores Abernathy” character in The Sims 4, opening the how-to with a shot of Dolores waking from her bed — a shot we see numerous times during the first season of the show.

The final design not only has Wood’s jawline and hair color matched perfectly, but also the blue dress that she wears for many of the show’s early episodes.

Using The Sims 3, Redditor Eurofutur was able to re-create a piece of Sweetwater, which serves as one of the primary locations in Robert Ford’s monstrous creation. Madam Maeve, as well as Dolores, Ford, Bernard Lowe, and what appears to be the “Man in Black” are all visible. While perhaps not intentional, the decision to leave the surrounding area green and undeveloped appears to show the dichotomy between Westworld and the “outside,” filled with modern technology and self-control.

The irony of re-creating characters from a show that is essentially The Sims inside of The Sims isn’t lost on us — the prospects of a software-led revolt here are terrifying. What if the Sims become self-aware and realize that they’re being controlled by a player? What if they realize that the “language” they speak is a bunch of nonsense and they can actually communicate with each other? What if the Sims are able to change their own values to make themselves more intelligent? Perhaps it’s best we never find out.

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