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Wraith remains Apex Legends’ most popular character so far in Season 5

After the recent additions to the Apex Legends roster, as well as the buffs and nerfs that were applied to certain characters, Wraith remains the most popular choice so far for Season 5 of the battle royale shooter.

Wraith’s usage rate is at 26.7% across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the week of May 18, according to In a distant second place is Pathfinder, with a usage rate of 9.8%, followed by Lifeline at 8.8%. The average daily usage rates up to May 30 show a similar trend.

The gap between Wraith and Pathfinder was previously closer, but that was before the robotic scout was nerfed as the cooldown of his tactical ability, the Grappling Hook, was increased from 15 seconds to 35 seconds.

Meanwhile, Lifeline was recently the subject of discussion on Twitter by Apex Legends’ lead game designer, Carlos Pineda, who said that the character does not need a buff, as she remains a top-tier character — as evidenced by her usage rate so far in Season 5. Pineda said that what Lifeline needs is a sidegrade, which would make her unique again in the game’s growing roster.

At the bottom of the popularity rankings are the game’s most recent additions before Season 5, with Revenant at a usage rate of only 4.3% and Crypto even less popular at just 3.3%. Loba, the newest character in the roster, does not yet show up in’s data.

Interestingly, Pathfinder just nudges ahead of Wraith for highest average damage per match at 476.88 versus 474.12, while Lifeline, a healer, has the highest kills per match at 1.54, also just a bit more than Wraith’s at 1.53.

Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends is currently in Season 5, bringing the story back to Kings Canyon but with Skull Town destroyed, replaced by an industrial rig called Salvage. Charge Towers, which immediately charges the ultimate ability of all Legends, have also been added to the map.

The addition of Loba comes with the Broken Ghost, Apex Legends‘ first quest that requires players to search for nine pieces of a mysterious artifact. Completing the quest rewards players with some sweet loot, and will also explain why Skull Town was destroyed.

Season 5 also brings with it a new Battle Pass with 110 levels of cosmetic items such as skins and emotes, and Ranked Series 4 that introduces the loss forgiveness system.

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