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Fake news? No, just Your News, Xbox One's new customizable news app

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An Xbox One console can already serve as the central hub for your living room with the ability to play games, stream Netflix, and broadcast to Twitch or Mixer, and now it can be your source for world news, as well. Your News is an all-new app for the console that lets you customize your news experience without needing a cable subscription.

“Many people are still interested in staying connected with current events through their television, but they have few options,” Microsoft said in the announcement. “We believe that by providing a news experience for the TV/living room, we can increase news consumption and fill the void of news on TV platforms.”

In addition to content curated by MSN, Your News will let you customize the app with topics and the news sources you care about most, so you won’t have to wade through uninteresting content. The topics include “good news,” “science & tech,” “sports,” and “nerdcore,” though we aren’t exactly sure what that will entail. Sources like CNN, The Washington Post, CBS, Fox News, and USA Today are all available. All you have to do is select your favorites to customize your feed.

Your News is designed to be a relatively passive experience, with users able to watch it in the background as they work or do other things in their home. Putting the controller down will send the app into a continuous streaming mode, with new stories popping up as if it were a cable news station. Due to the console’s “instant on” feature, the app will serve as a great quick source for breaking news and can easily be turned off at any time.

Your News is available now on Xbox One. We could get more information about the app and any upcoming features during next month’s Xbox E3 showcase.

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