Guardhat brings safety to workers with its smart hard hat made with Qualcomm technologies

While smart technology is often seen as intended for our homes and office buildings, the 5G era promises to bring new solutions to every workplace, including those where worker safety stands above everything else. This is where Guardhat, a real-time situational awareness system that includes a smart hard hat aiming to substantially reduce worker injury, is stepping in.

To an industrial worker, the Guardhat will be an invisible partner watching their back. Unlike traditional hard hats, Guardhat protects workers with real-time alerts and user notifications through a wireless connection. If the wearer enters a restricted zone, or gets too close to a moving object- even if there is poisonous gas in the air, the hard hat can not only detect it, but can also guide the wearer to safety.

According to OSHA, more than 14 people die in industrial accidents every day in the US and worldwide numbers are even more shocking. With Guardhat, no worker on a factory floor, high-rise construction site, or stretch of highway needing repair would be left out of the loop during an emergency. This is a critical first layer of defense that could help bring 14 down to zero.

When it comes to worker safety, employers and managers also need to be aware of what is going on with their team. Guardhat allows managers to find out the precise location of every worker, if they are in dangerous environmental conditions, if one of them has fallen, or even if one of them is not wearing their hardhat. If something happens to one individual frontline worker, or if they are at risk, the manager will know immediately and can communicate directly with that worker via video or audio call.

By tracking the movements and environmental conditions of the entire team, the Guardhat makes it possible for employers to collect crucial data about the work environment. By knowing which locations are too loud, or too hot, or have high air pressure, managers may not only prevent future accidents but also find better ways to do things- saving time and energy.

In order to stay on top of worker safety and collect data to maximize workforce efficiency, the Guardhat relies on two inventions from Qualcomm Technologies: the Qualcomm® APQ8053 processor and the Qualcomm® MDM9207 modem. These products are capable of powering the Guardhat through tough conditions, so the people who risk their lives to build our homes, maintain our infrastructure, and power our economy feel safe.

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