Three washing machines that could change your life

Three washing machines that could change your life

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Nobody likes doing the laundry, but it simply has to be done. Sorting the lights from the darks and the delicates from the oversize PJ shirts, loading the piles into various baskets and bags, and hauling them to the washing machine should always be rewarded with the freshest smelling and feeling clothes. Yet we all have our own quirks when it comes to doing the laundry, not to mention our own routine mishaps, so it’s a good thing that there are options out there that fit our individual needs. Here are three distinct Samsung washers available at Home Depot that will fit every style of laundry-doer.

First is the ActiveWash, a high-efficiency top-loader that is a game-changer for those working with limited space and who want to keep a tidy laundry room. This is thanks to the ActiveWash’s unique built-in sink and scrubbing board that lets you pre-soak and scrub out those stains that need a bit more attention. Gone are the days when you had to dash from the kitchen sink to the laundry room with a heap of dripping wet clothes, creating another mess to clean up before your roommate gets home. On top of the built-in sink, ActiveWash also has a Steam Wash feature for removing those deeper stains. Late-night laundry doers will be ecstatic when they experience the machine’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) Plus, which reduces noise from vibrations by 40%, so you can get straight to sleep while your washer finishes the chore for you. ActiveWash might not be the biggest machine on this list, but it’s robust build, quiet run cycle, and bonus sink makes it an ideal candidate for a crowded apartment.

Next is AddWash, a high-tech and high-powered front-loader that can wash a full load of laundry in as little as 36 minutes. As its name suggests, this washer lets you add laundry to a load mid-cycle, effectively eliminating the anxiety you normally feel when you stumble across a single white sock on the closet floor right after starting a load of lights. Like ActiveWash, Samsung’s AddWash washer runs quieter thanks to VRT Plus and has Steam Wash, but it also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity- for the “smart” household that loves using new gadgets to make chores easier. Instead of running back and forth to find out if your sheets are ready for the drier, you can now check the status of your load on your mobile device at any time from anywhere, letting you focus on other tasks. With a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, this powerful washer also makes it possible to speed through mountains of laundry without breaking a sweat.

Lastly, we have FlexWash, the heavy hitter. This machine is the highest-capacity washer in its class with two washers literally rolled into one- ideal for active and/or large households that have a wide variety of washing needs. The primary washer, which is loaded from the front, has 5.0 cubic feet of space for those large loads or ones that might include thick linens and coats. Thanks to the FlexWash’s Super Speed feature even the heftiest of loads of muddy jackets and dog blankets can be washed in as little as 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about the kids getting messy outside. For energy savers just looking to wash tomorrow’s office meeting outfit or freshen up their hand towels for the guest bathroom, the Top Load washer offers a 1.0 cubic foot compartment that will have you ready for houseguests or work in no time. And for those days when you just have to get everything cleaned as fast possible or be consumed by the ever-growing piles scattered across the house, FlexWash can run both of these washers at the same time without the need of an extra water line. Yet even when harnessing the power of two washers FlexWash manages to hold onto the prominent features of the first two washers, including Wi-Fi connectivity, a Steam Wash setting, and a noise-dampening Direct Drive Motor. This is the all-in-one that will satisfy everyone at home, pups included.

There is no skill more basic and essential in adulthood than doing your own laundry, yet we all wash our linens and clothes in our own way based on our preferences and even our personal fashion sense. While each of these washers come with their own benefits, no one should have to compromise a good night’s rest or their limited space for a fresh set of work clothes ready at any time. So when picking a washing machine, always make a purchase based on what fits best with your lifestyle, be it an active one, a messy one, or one with a lot of clothes to clean.