Astro’s new A38 headphones will follow you off the couch and out into the real world

Astro Gaming, maker of some of the most highly received gaming headsets on the market, has unveiled a brand new pair of wireless headphones tailored for the gamer on the go, the Astro A38 Active Noise Canceling Wireless headset. Providing ANC to block out distractions and Bluetooth wireless connection, the A38 are designed to accompany you in all your mobile endeavors, from smartphone gaming to jamming out tunes on the way to work.

Designed unlike anything we’ve seen from Astro in the past, the $230 A38 blend their deep-rooted gaming pedigree with a sleek modern aesthetic, resulting in a unique look that crosses genres. Astro claims it engaged in an “unprecedented hardware beta with its fans” before it put together the final product. The company is hoping the result headset will be something gamers will want to use for any and all of their headphone needs.

The chassis is built for comfort, with ample padding around their on-ear cups that rotate to lay flat, and adjust to each individual user. Like many gaming headphones, the A38 also come with detachable face plates on the earcups, allowing users to personalize the cans to their taste.

Under the hood, the headphones employ high-quality Bluetooth circuitry, including low-latency Bluetooth version 3.0 with aptX for CD-quality resolution from compatible devices. The headphones utilize active noise canceling for the drivers to keep out out ambient noise, and for the on-board microphone to allow clear communication in busy locations. Astro also claims the A38 boast the same accurate, powerful sound users have enjoyed from the rest of its gaming line.

Battery power is estimated at an impressive 20 hours runtime, but Astro has not disclosed whether the ‘phones offer a rechargeable battery or not. We’d be surprised if the A38 deviates from the rest of the family, all of which employ rechargeable battery solutions, but we’ve reached out to Astro to clarify, and will update this post when we find out.

To sweeten the pot — and possibly show that the A38 are meant to be employed beyond the world of gaming — Astro has also lumped in a three-month subscription to Spotify Premium, included with the A38’s $230 price tag. The A38 are available now online at Astro Gaming’s website, and at select retailers. We’ll likely be checking them out for ourselves soon as well, so stay tuned.

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