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Audeze’s iSine LX in-ears put planar magnetic sound in your pocket on the cheap

When Audeze first unveiled its relatively tiny iSine planar magnetic in-ears in 2016, it came as a major surprise, as full-size planar magnetic headphones are known for being on the large size. Even more surprisingly, they worked incredibly well and sounded great. The only downside was the price: Planar magnetic technology often comes at a premium, and that was the case with the iSine. At least that was the case, as the company has officially launched the comparatively affordable iSine LX just in time for CES 2018.

Like the other models in the iSine series, the iSine LX features the same angluar look and general design touches. It also features all the technology that makes them great, like Audeze’s Fluxor planar magnets as well as its Uniforce voice coil technology. So what has changed that they’re so much more affordable than the iSine 10 or iSine 20? It turns out it’s all in the manufacturing process.

“The iSine LX is the first Audeze headphone to utilize our newly developed automated driver-manufacturing process at our California facility. The launch of the iSine LX demonstrates our ongoing commitment for continued product and manufacturing process innovation allowing us to manufacture our headphones in the United States,” Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram said in a statement.

Late last year, Audeze announced a set of audio plugins known as Reveal, available for free download on its website. These plugins are meant for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike who want to mix and master music using Audeze headphones. The iSine LX are the latest headphones to work with these plugins, making it easier than ever to mix a record in an economy class airplane seat. Just make sure the other passengers don’t mind, as like the other iSine in-ears, these are open backed, so some sound will be audible to those in your immediate surroundings.

The Audeze iSine LX in-ears sell for $200 and include a standard audio cable. If you’re a recent iPhone owner or just prefer Lightning, Audeze sells an optional Cipher Lightning cable that includes a built-in DAC to convert digital audio right out of your iPhone or iPad. The company says this even improves the quality of voice calls.

The iSine LX are available now via the Audeze website, and will soon be available via Amazon as well.

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