Canton Blasts Out Chrono Speakers

Audio gear maker Canton has begun shipping its new Chrono series high-performance speakers aimed at bringing high-performance audio to home theaters and home audio fans without the pocketbook-gouging prices sometimes associated with quality speaker rigs. Based on technology developed for the company’s Ergo line, the Chrono series offers two floorstanding units, a compact two-way unit, 2.5-way center channel unit, and a 150 Watt powered subwoofer.

“We are very proud to introduce the new Chrono line,” said Canton USA President Paul Madsen in a statement. “It uses the same technology and basic design criteria as our classic Ergo series speakers, but thanks to more cost-efficient construction and finish options we’ve managed to reduce pricing by over 30 percent.”

The Chrono lines sports aluminum cones in its bass and midrange drivers, and all the full-range models feature Canton’s ADT25 aluminum-manganese dome tweeter, offering excellent high frequency response all the way up to 40 KHz—of course, human hearing typically peaks around 22 kHz (when we’re young, before we’ve had a chance to blow it out), but maybe nearby dogs will appreciate the excellent high end response! The mid-range and bass drivers offer wide dynamic ranges and “outstanding” transient response, while the floorstanding models feature a high-pass filter system which prevents extremely low frequency material from interfering with the bass driver.

  • The Chrono 509 DC is a three-way bass reflex floorstanding unit designed to be used as either full-range stereo speakers or front units in a home theater. The 509 DCs are priced at $2,000 a pair.
  • The Chrono 507 DC floorstanding unit features a 2.5=way crossover network with two 7-inch drivers used for bass frequencies, with the top driver used for mid-range frequencies. Canton is pricing the 507 DCs at $1,600/pair.
  • The Chrono 505 Center unit sports two 6-inch drivers and a tweeter with a 2.5-way crossover, on a pedestal stand, and is intended as a center channel in a home theater setup. Canton has priced it at $650.
  • The Chrono 502 bass speaker sports a 7-inch driver with a 1-inch tweeter, and is offered with an optional stand. Canton’s suggested price is $1,000/pair.
  • The Chrono AS 525 SC powered subwoofer offers a 9-inch high-excursion driver in a tuned cabinet, with a 150 Watt internal amp to make sure users get enough thump. Canton’s suggested price is $600.

All models are available now, with either silver or beech cabinets with silver or black front baffles.