Daredevil season 2 will spotlight The Punisher, but will he be the villain?

daredevil season 2 will spotlight the punisher but he be villain
Bastian Stein

After recent news that The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal will star as The Punisher in the second season of Daredevil, we now know that the villian will prominently star in its storyline. Daredevil showrunner Marco Ramirez had described the second season as “Daredevil vs. the Punisher,” as Nerdist reports. But don’t make assumptions too fast. While Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) will butt heads with the gun-toting Frank Castle (Bernthal), the report suggests that the story arc will be a more complicated one.

[Warning: Spoiler ahead]

Instead, Daredevil and the Punisher will be interlocked in a more “philosophical battle” in Hell’s Kitchen. After The Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio’s character Wilson Fisk) was arrested  at the end of season one, his criminal empire was disbanded. Seeking moral high ground, Murdock prefers to protect rather than kill. Considering that The Punisher abides by a more vigilante, do-whatever-it-takes type of justice, the Daredevil is going to have his work cut out for him in keeping his people — however villainous — alive.

If rumors hold, it looks like season two of Daredevil may also feature his arch nemesis Bullseye, and Elektra. We don’t know how they’re involved, but Nerdist speculates that Murdock may fall for Elektra yet again — before she’s murdered by Bullseye. If this managed to occur, then maybe Daredevil and the Punisher team together to take down Bullseye? And if Charlie Cox has any say, we may even see the return of The Kingpin.  One thing’s for sure: there will be bloodshed.

While we imagine Ramirez and co-producer Doug Pretrie will diverge from the 2006 comic Daredevil vs. Punisher: Means and Ends, this is a good starting place to read up on their back story. You certainly have time, as Daredevil season 2 isn’t planned to air until 2016.

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