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Denon wants to take over your home theater with new HEOS Bar, HEOS Sub

Sonos might have been first to the party when it comes to wireless multiroom audio, but Denon quickly caught up with its HEOS line. Lately the company has been focused on the living room with products like the HEOS AVR, and it looks to be continuing down the road with the launch of the new HEOS Bar soundbar and HEOS Sub subwoofer.

The HEOS Bar uses a three-channel design and can be used with TVs over 50 inches in size. A total of nine speakers in a 45-degree configuration help spread sound around the room, with Denon DSP technology used to create the illusion of a 5.1-channel setup. The HEOS Bar is meant to be used alone or with the HEOS Sub, but can also be used with a pair of HEOS speakers, using them as satellite speakers.

Four HDMI 2.0a inputs are included on the HEOS Bar, all of which are capable of carrying 4K for use with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player or streaming box. HEOS music streaming allows for playback of high-resolution audio formats like DSD, but services like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon Music are supported as well. In case these options weren’t enough, Bluetooth allows you to stream music from your phone.

While the HEOS Sub can be used with the new soundbar, it is also meant to work across the entire HEOS range of AV products. The Sub uses dual 5.75-inch drivers powered by a class D amplifier to deliver powerful bass, and the slim design can be used either vertically or horizontally without altering the sound. The company even says that you may be able to fit the HEOS Sub under a couch, depending on the couch.

Ease of use is a priority with both of the new products. Denon’s HEOS App makes controlling each of the units easy, while also adding functionality. The Bar can learn commands from your TV remote, which can then be controlled via the app. For the HEOS Sub, the app allows for more control over the digital signal processing for more hands-on control of the sound.

The HEOS Bar will sell for $900 while the HEOS Sub is priced at $600. Both products are expected to begin shipping in April. For more information on Denon’s entire range of HEOS products, see the company’s website.

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