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Epson’s latest superbright projector plays your movies, games, and sports

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If you’re looking for that true cinema feel, a projector is often going to beat a TV, but they are usually fairly pricey and are not the best option for video games or watching sports. With its new Home Cinema 1450 projector, Epson is aiming to give home theater enthusiasts that big-screen performance without needing to spend more, while also being using for gaming and sports.

“Bright Epson Home Cinema projectors take relaxing at home with friends to the next level — from watching life-size athletes take on rivals to playing the latest console game,” senior product manager of projectors for Epson America Rodrigo Catalan said in a statement. “The Home Cinema 1450 delivers an ultra-brilliant image, even in the living room with the lights on. Just plug the Home Cinema 1450 into a streaming or gaming device to transform it into a massive, vivid display for hours of entertainment.”

Offering 4,200 lumens of both white and color brightness, the Home Cinema 1450 pumps out enough light to deliver vivid images in even well-lit rooms. 4K projectors are still fairly rare and this model only displays 1080p, but it does feature four different color modes that allow you to optimize the picture based on the content you are viewing.

The projector features a 16-watt speaker, meaning it is easy to set up and use anywhere without the need to set up a separate audio system. The projector features two HDMI inputs and these can actually be displayed side by side, letting you watch content from both inputs at the same time. An included remote control allows for adjusting brightness, contrast, tint, saturation, sharpness, input signal, sync, tracking, position, color temperature, and volume.

The Epson Home Cinema 1450 will retail for $1,500 and will be available beginning April 17. For more info on Epson’s Home Cinema projectors, see the company’s website.

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