Genius Offers Two New Speaker Systems

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Peripheral manufacturer Genius took the wraps off its two latest offerings in the audio market on Monday: a three-piece speaker system for PCs and a compact speaker system for portable audio players.

The SW i-2.1 1100 targets PC gamers, and has features like a wired remote control and earphone jack. All three speakers (two satellites and a sub) put out a combined 28 watts of power, but the 1100 in the name comes from the infamously flaky “peak music power output” rating of 1100 watts. In other words, ignore it. The SW i-2.1 1100 retails for $49.90.

The svelte SP-i200 is a single speaker designed for portable use with MP3 players. It can be powered by either an included AC adapter or four AAA batteries, which Genius claims should last up to 10 hours at maximum volume. With 6 watts of power output, you’re not going to be putting on a party in the park any time soon, but a picnic might be a little a more realistic. The SP-i200 retails for $29.90.

Both speaker systems are available immediately at major online retailers and Genius’ Web site.