How do you make an HDTV antenna sexy? Put a curve on it

how do you make an hdtv antenna sexy put a curve on it mohu two angles hi res

As HDTV antennas go, the Mohu Leaf is about as cool as it gets. At least, it was. Mohu has just announced two new additions to its popular antenna line that, unlike the leaf, are meant to be seen; and they might just be the coolest new free HDTV tools on the block. 

For some, hiding an antenna – even one as stealthy as the leaf –  just isn’t an option. Maybe there’s no window to tack it to and/or no art nearby to hide it under. It is that kind of scenario for which Mohu’s Curve series is designed. The Curve 30 and Curve 50 antennas are Mohu’s first to offer built-in amplification for solid over-the-air HDTV broadcast reception, and are designed not to be an eyesore.

Mohu CurveThe Curve 30 sells for about $55 and is intended for urban dwellers within about 30 miles from local broadcast towers. The 30 comes with a 10-ft. coax cable and table-top stand included; it can also be wall-mounted. 

 The $100 Curve 50, as you might expect, is intended for those 30 – 50 miles away from local broadcast towers. The 50 comes with a longer 16-ft. coax cable and what Mohu calls “Clean Peak” filter technology which is meant to reject the signals you don’t want and amplify only the ones that you do. Otherwise, it is identical to the curve 30; both antennas measure 8 x 11.5 x 2.5 – in inches. 

You will find the Curve 30 and Curve 50 available now at Mohu’s website, with other retailers to follow soon.

 [update: This article has been corrected to reflect that the Curve 30 is not an amplified antenna]